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Moms using mobile devices for shopping more and more

Moms shopped on mobile devices more in 2012

Posted on 1/23/13 9:14:00 AM

Mobile technology is beginning to catch on with more than just the younger generations, as proven by the results of a recent survey conducted by Alt12 Apps, the world's largest mobile network for women.

According to the 2012 year-end survey, 93 percent of moms shopped significantly more on their mobile devices in 2012 than in 2011, showing mobile devices are more convenient and easier to shop on as opposed to alternate methods of shopping.

Considering the increased popularity of online shopping, Americans should also make sure they do all they can to protect their information through mobile device security. When purchasing items on mobile devices, safety can sometimes be compromised through sites that are preyed on by hackers.

The Alt12 survey included 1,000 of its 1.3 million monthly users and also showed that nearly three out of four moms now regularly use their mobile devices for shopping and more than 30 percent of moms do so half the time.

"Moms are a highly engaged, highly mobile demographic who spend a significant amount of time shopping, particularly for their families," said Jennifer Wong, CEO of Alt12 apps. "Because of this, we believe moms will be one of the driving forces behind a surge in mobile purchasing in 2013."

Further findings from the survey
Other findings of the survey showed that moms spent more than 11 hours shopping for holiday gifts alone in 2012, and 58 percent of moms turn to reviews and recommendations from other moms when they shop.

"We are a trusted resource for moms, who are constantly exchanging information and shopping on the go," Wong said. "This survey confirms how much moms use their mobile devices to shop, and how much our community respects opinions from other moms. As such, we provide what we believe to be the best products on the market so they can make easy purchasing decisions via their mobile devices."

According to BusinessDay, mobile devices' growing popularity with consumers and marketers has a direct correlation to the number of cyber attacks on smartphones. Considering the number of threats expected to be experienced in 2013, mobile security is expected to become more important than its been in previous years.