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Popular cities have places seniors can walk to

Phoenix, Denver hot metro areas to retire

Posted on 9/25/13 8:37:00 AM

Phoenix notched the top ranking in a publication's list of America's 100 Best Places to Retire, according to reports from USA Today and The Arizona Republic.

By being classified as the most populated city in the fifth edition of Where to Retire magazine's list, Phoenix, along with many other major metro areas, suggests baby boomers are being drawn to cities as they let go of suburban life.

"The appeal of relocating to a metro area lies in the abundance of part-time jobs these cities offer, as well as big-city amenities, like cool ethnic restaurants and great shows," Annette Fuller, managing editor of Where to Retire magazine, told USA Today. "These areas also have universities, meaning sports to love and classes to take - both excellent ways to assimilate."

The report suggests that baby boomers, just like the young Millennials, are hoping to land in a community with stores, restaurants and social events they can walk to.

"The baby boomers have kind of lived the suburban life," said John Brady, founder of the website "They were chained to their jobs, held down by children. They had to live where the good schools were and where there were recreation opportunities for their children."

"Retirement is like a second chance on life," Brady added. "They are asking, 'What do I want from life?' It's not living in the 'burbs."

According to Brady, older people preparing for retirement are often the best-suited to take advantage of what a city has to offer.

Older, established cities prime spots for retirees
Brady pointed to cities such as New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh as great spots for the recently retired or those planning to retire. "Even Denver," Brady said. "You can live in a neighborhood and do all the things without getting in a car."

Colorado has been a premier spot for young professionals, but along with Denver, Brady also noted Boulder, Colo., as a hip spot for retirees.

"In Boulder, Denver, Portland and Seattle, boomers can live downtown, enjoy the restaurants and neighborhoods and find a lot to do without being tied to their cars," Brady said.

Colorado Springs, Colo., was the 10th-most populated city on Where to Retire magazine's Top 100 list.