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News Highlights

            • January 2016 (pdf)
              Denver Business Journal, Joplin Globe, St. Louis Post-Dispatch and more 
            • December 2015 (pdf)
              Today's Farmer Magazine, KC Studio Magazine, Phoenix Business Journal and more 
            • November 2015 (pdf)
              ColoradoBiz Magazine, OKC Biz, Wichita Eagle, Ladue News and more 
            • October 2015 (pdf)
              Ingram's, AZ Biz Magazine, American Banker, St. Louis Business Journal and more 
            • September 2015 (pdf)
              AZ Biz Media, HedgeWeek, American Banker, St. Louis Business Journal and more 
            • August 2015 (pdf)
              The Street, BenefitsPro, St. Louis Business Journal, Kansas City Business Journal and more 
            • July 2015 (pdf)
              Ingrams, Bank News, St. Louis Business Journal, Kansas City Business Journal and more 
            • June 2015 (pdf)
              Fort Worth Star Telegram, Dallas Business Journal, Manufacturing Today, Colorado Biz Magazine and more 
            • May 2015 (pdf)
              ABF Journal, Playmakers Talk Show, American Banker, Hedge Week, Oklahoman and more 
            • April 2015 (pdf)
              St. Louis Business Journal, Consumer Driven Pro, Tulsa World, Kansas City Star and more 
            • March 2015 (pdf)
              Benefits Selling, Ignites, BenefitsPro, Springfield Business Journal and more 
            • February 2015 (pdf)
              ColoradoBiz Magazine, Missouri Farmer Today,Jefferson City News Tribune, BenefitsPro and more 
            • January 2015 (pdf)
              BenefitsPro, MarketWatch, Fort Worth Business Press, Columbia Daily Tribune, Bank News and more 
            • December 2014 (pdf)
              American Banker, Dallas Business Journal, Motley Fool, Phoenix Business Journal and more 
            • November 2014 (pdf)
              Bloomberg Business, The, Ingram's, KMOX, Ignites, Thinking Bigger Business Magazine and more 
            • October 2014 (pdf)
              Ingrams, American Banker, Hedge Week, Pay Magazine, Omaha World Herald and more 
            • September 2014 (pdf)
              Phoenix Business Journal, ColoradoBiz, Wichita Business Journal, St. Louis Business Journal and more
            • August 2014 (pdf)
              New York Times, Bloomberg Business Week, Thinking Bigger Business Magazine, Wichita Business Journal and more 
            • July 2014 (pdf)
              Bloomberg Radio, The Street, Ignites, Dallas Business Journal and more 
            • June 2014 (pdf)
              Aviation Pros, Hedge Week, CACI Newsletter, AZ Business Magazine and more 
            • May 2014 (pdf)
              AG Professional, BenefitsPro, Bank News, Springfield Business Journal and more 
            • April 2014 (pdf)
              American Banker, Health Insurance Underwriter, Phoenix Art Museum Commemorative Issue and more 
            • March 2014 (pdf)
              American Banker, CompanyWeek, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Dallas Morning News and more 
            • February 2014 (pdf)
              Kansas City Business Journal, ColoradoBiz Magazine, Columbia Daily Tribune, St. Louis Business Journal and more 
            • January 2014 (pdf)
              Kansas City Business Journal, Bank News, Colorado Springs Business Journal, Benefits Selling and more 
            • December 2013 (pdf)
              Benefits Pro, Denver Business Journal, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, ColoradoBiz Magazine and more 
            • November 2013 (pdf)
              Ingram's Magazine, The Bond Buyer,,, Kansas City Business Journal and more 
            • October 2013 (pdf)
              Benefits Selling Magazine, KC Business Magazine, Bank Director Magazine, Ozarks Farm & Neighbor and more
            • September 2013 (pdf)
              Thinking Bigger Business Magazine, The Manhattan Mercury, CIO Review Magazine and more
            • August 2013 (pdf)
              Ingram's Magazine, WIBW, Denver Business Journal, Kansas City Business Journal and more 
            • July 2013 (pdf)
              D CEO Magazine, SNL Financial, American Banker, Dallas Business Journal, ColoradoBiz Magazine and more
            • June 2013 (pdf)
              Reuters, Kansas City Business Journal, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, ColoradoBiz Magazine, Springfield Business Journal and more 
            • May 2013 (pdf)
              CFO Magazine, American Banker, Benefits Selling Magazine, Kansas City Business Journal, Scottsdale Independent and more
            • April 2013 (pdf)
              The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Radio,, American Banker and more 
            • March 2013 (pdf)
              Employee Benefits News, Benefits Pro Online, Tulsa Business and Legal News and more 
            • February 2013 (pdf)
              Forbes Magazine, Wichita Business Journal, Phoenix Business Journal and more 
            • January 2013 (pdf)
              ABA Banking Journal, American Banker, Thinking Bigger Business Magazine, St. Louis Business Journal and more 
            • December 2012 (pdf)
              Forbes, American Banker, Bank Technology News, Kansas City Business Journal and more 
            • November 2012 (pdf)
              KC Studio Magazine, The Denver Post, Springfield Business Journal, Kansas City Star and more 
            • October 2012 (pdf)
              Denver Business Journal, Banking Business Review, Bank Investment Consultant and more
            • September 2012 (pdf)
              Mutual Fund Wire, Employee Benefit News, Kansas City Star, St. Louis Business Journal and more 
            • August 2012 (pdf)
              Employee Benefit Advisor, Reuters, Kansas City Business Journal, Arizona Business and more 
            • July 2012 (pdf)
              American Banker, TMC News, The Independent, KC Studio, Paybefore and more
            • June 2012 (pdf)
              The Street, Columbia Business Times, Daily Oklahoman, Kansas City Star and more
            • May 2012 (pdf)
              Forbes, Fox Business, Money Magazine, ColoradoBiz Magazine, Phoenix Business Journal and more
            • April 2012 (pdf)
              Investor Place, Benefits Pro, Journal Record, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Springfield Business Journal and more
            • March 2012 (pdf)
              American Banker, Health Insurance Underwriter, ColoradoBiz Magazine, Kansas City Business Journal and more
            • February 2012 (pdf)
              Fox Business, CFO, KC Business, Society for Human Resource Management and more
            • January 2012 (pdf)
              Bank News, CFO, Center for Association Leadership, Denver Business Journal and more

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