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Strength & Stability

With the challenging economy we're in, individuals and businesses alike may have concerns about their financial future.  We're providing the following informative materials regarding UMB and the financial industry to help you through these tough economic times. Feel free to contact us or visit one of our banking centers if you have any additional questions.

CEO Mariner Kemper on Fox Business, November 9, 2010
CEO Mariner Kemper provides insight into the current lending environment and small business sentiment.

CEO Mariner Kemper speaks to CNBC, August 23, 2010
Chairman and CEO Mariner Kemper speaks with CNBC during "Too Big Has Failed" Congressional Hearing held in Kansas City.

Read Mariner Kemper's Testimony Provided at Congressional Hearing Titled: "Too Big Has Failed: Learn from Midwest Banks and Credit Unions" (pdf)
CEO Mariner Kemper explains how UMB has remained a source of stability and strength during all times while he also conveys the need for action in Washington to support the best interests of UMB communities, customers and shareholders.

President and COO Peter deSilva appears on Fox Business News, July 16, 2010
deSilva discusses financial reform on the Fox Business News show.

UMB Chairman and CEO Mariner Kemper is featured in a USA Today newspaper article
Kemper discusses UMB's principled approach to financial services that has served us exceptionally well for the past 97 years and through the current economic crisis.

CFO Michael Hagedorn featured in CFO Magazine's "Brighter Days" (pdf)
Hagedorn describes how UMB weathered the economic storm, did not need financial support from the government and learned many valuable lessions during the Great Recession.

UMB Receives Congressional Acclaim (pdf)
UMB was recognized by Congressman Barney Frank, Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, for being named the highest-rated bank in the continental U.S.

Forbes Ranks UMB Second-Best Bank, December 31, 2009
UMB has been ranked the second-best bank in the nation by Forbes in a study in conjunction with SNL Financial.

UMB Chairman and CEO Mariner Kemper appears at CNBC studio, November 19, 2009.
Kemper discusses whether the government should extend TARP.

Read article, "UMB's Kemper Proves Boring Is Better: Best in Class." ‡
Based on a candid interview with Mariner Kemper, feature details UMB's 'Best in Class' designation and a historical perspective of the Kemper leadership.

UMB Chairman and CEO Mariner Kemper publishes editorial: "When the Dust Settles." (pdf)
Kemper outlines what a financial reform bill should achieve "when the dust settles."

CEO Mariner Kemper on Fox Business News, July 22, 2009 ‡
Kemper discusses UMB's strategy for long-term growth and its strong capital position.  

CEO Mariner Kemper Featured in the Springfield (Mo.) Business Journal, July 20, 2009 (pdf)
Kemper says the federal government's response to the recession is misguided.

CEO Mariner Kemper on CNBC's "PowerLunch," July 15, 2009 ‡
Kemper discusses whether regulatory reform will actually make banks stronger and safer.

CEO Mariner Kemper on Bloomberg Television, May 6, 2009
Mariner Kemper discusses "too big to fail" and the regulation of the U.S. financial system.

"Fast Money," CNBC, February 10, 2009
Watch UMB Chief Investment Officer Bill Greiner on CNBC.

CEO Mariner Kemper on Fox Business News, January 30, 2009 (pdf)
Mariner Kemper shares his views on government intervention and the "good guys."

CEO Mariner Kemper on "Closing Bell," CNBC, January 29, 2009
Mariner Kemper discusses "bad bank" plan and more.

CEO Mariner Kemper Named One of America's Powerful CEOs ‡ includes Mariner Kemper as one of only 21 CEOs 40 and under who run U.S. public companies worth at least $500 million.

CEO Mariner Kemper named Community Banker of the Year (pdf)
American Banker honors Kemper as one of their "2008 Best in Banking."

Watch CEO Mariner Kemper on CNBC's "PowerLunch."
Kemper discusses the reasons UMB chose not to participate in the TARP program. 

CEO Mariner Kemper on Bloomberg Television (pdf)
Kemper discusses what drives UMB performance during a July 2008 interview on Bloomberg Television.

After Economic Crossroads, Where Do We Turn? (pdf)
UMB Chairman & CEO Mariner Kemper cites next steps in rebuilding our economy in this editorial.

Open Letter from UMB Chairman & CEO Mariner Kemper/Wall Street Journal (pdf)
Kemper addresses the turbulent times in the financial industry and why UMB is a great place to be.

Article from SmartMoney magazine's October 2008 issue (pdf)
"Spotting the Financial Survivors" profiles four of the strongest, best-capitalized banks, one of which is UMB, that will be able to take advantage of the weaknesses of their competitors.

Economic Insights from Chief Investment Officer Bill Greiner
Commentaries on financial news and topics.

Why is UMB a Great Place to Bank? (pdf)
A review of UMB’s performance, philosophy, stewardship and integrity that combine to make a 95-year success story.

UMB in the News
Monthly synopses of recent news articles featuring UMB.