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What can the Dynamics ePlate™ Visa® Card do for companies like yours?

The Dynamics ePlate™ Visa® Card allows companies, organizations and entertainers the opportunity to offer exclusive credit card rewards to customers and fans.

When your company becomes an Experience™ Provider, you begin to offer your consumers an experience that goes above and beyond what any other company is doing. Through those real-time, tangible rewards, your brand becomes more priceless.

And, of course, there are a few more immediate benefits:

  1. You'll increase brand visibility and build customer loyalty
  2. You'll generate a new revenue stream
  3. You'll have instant access to a brand new source of data

To learn more about the ePlate platform and how customer rewards cards and business rewards credit cards can benefit your organization, please call your existing UMB relationship manager or use the contact us sidebar.

If you would like to apply for a personal ePlate card, please visit

The Dynamics ePlate™ Visa® card is issued and underwritten through UMB Bank, n.a., a leading card processing company in the U.S. Credit approval is required.

Dynamics Inc. and VISA trademarks used with permission.