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Payroll Card

UMB® and Skylight Financial® have partnered to provide companies an industry leading Payroll Card solution. This solution requires minimal fees from the employer saving both time and money; and can substantially reduce the amount of fees charged to an employee for cashing a payroll check at a check cashing facility. Our Payroll Card is an instant issue, Visa® branded card that is welcome anywhere Visa cards are accepted.

How It Works

Cardholders participating in the program will receive a UMB/Skylight Financial co-branded payroll card. It is Visa-branded and welcome anywhere Visa cards are accepted.

Every payday, funds are loaded onto the payroll card via direct deposit. Cardholders will have access to their funds on payday; eliminating the need for employees to receive a paper payroll check which they would need to cash or deposit into a bank account.

Our payroll card solution includes a unique Skylight Financial Check feature. This convenient check feature allows payroll cardholders the ability to deduct funds from their payroll card and apply these funds to a paper negotiable item. Cardholders dial a toll-free number, disclosing information that identifies them as the authorized cardholder, and then follow a series of prompts to transfer the funds. The Skylight Financial Check can then be cashed for free at participating locations nationwide up to $1,100; but may also be cashed at many check-cashing facilities for a nominal fee.

Payroll Card Features

  • Cardholder may withdraw cash from any of the over 300,000 STAR®, Maestro®, NYCE®, Cirrus®, or PULSE® ATM networks nationwide.
  • Cardholder can initiate an ACH transfer to an existing bank account through a toll-free telephone number or the Internet, and funds will be available in that account the next bank business day if the transfer is made before 8 p.m., CST.
  • Cardholder may make purchases at Point-of-Sale locations where Visa cards are accepted.
  • Cardholder can receive cash back at merchant locations that offer cash back when the Cardholder’s unique PIN is used.

How Employers Benefit

  • Improves overall direct deposit participation
  • No additional software or systems integration required
  • Reduces administration costs of payroll production, distribution, and fraud by eliminating paper payroll check volume
  • Helps to eliminate the cost and administration associated with payroll escheatment

How Employees Benefit

  • Reduce recurring check cashing fees
  • Convenience – Easy access to cash via the use of ATMs, cash back through PIN-based Point-of-Sale transactions, and use of the Money Network Checks™
  • Welcome virtually everywhere Visa and/or STAR debit cards are accepted
  • 24-hour bilingual customer service, 7 days a week
  • Bill Payment through — many utility companies accept Visa as a form of payment

Questions about your Visa payroll cards? Contact us for more information about payroll cards.