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Automated Clearing House

UMB continues to be one of the top 30 Automated Clearing House (ACH) originating institutions in the United States. Our treasury management professionals possess the knowledge and experience necessary to help you understand which ACH payment applications can save you the most money, time and effort.

How It Works

The ACH network is a nationwide electronic batch processing system operated by the Federal Reserve Bank. In order to access this network, a company must send transfer instructions in a standard format to its originating bank, which then passes them to the network that will effect settlement on a future date.

ACH can be used to disburse funds such as direct deposit of payroll, expense reimbursement, royalty payments or any other recurring disbursements. ACH can also be used to debit your clients' accounts or concentrate funds from your other bank accounts.

UMB offers several methods of originating ACH transfer instructions. Depending upon your company's resources, you can either utilize your own software to create a NACHA formatted file, have a payroll service create a direct deposit file, or use UMB Web Exchange®, our online portal. Once an authorized company representative has verified the file totals, we will release it to the ACH network to await funds settlement.

Automated Clearing House Features

  • More control over funds movement and settlement.
  • Transactions can be easily tracked throughout the life of the settlement.
  • Any size company can take advantage of ACH payments through the use of our online portal, UMB Web Exchange.
  • Electronic transactions are readily accepted by consumers and companies.
  • Transactions can be initiated for repetitive or one-time consumer or corporate payments, federal and state tax payments.


  • The ACH network offers a low-cost mechanism to effect funds settlement for any kind of payment.
  • Reduction of disbursement costs – associated with processing paper checks and remittance documents.
  • Each transaction is guaranteed to be easily tracked and never lost.
  • ACH services are subject to credit approval.


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