Health Savings Accounts

All HSAs are not equal!

UMB offers a tax free way to save and will provide you and your customers with tools to learn how to save more on each healthcare dollar expense.

Our Health Savings Account (HSA) solution blends the strength of your community financial institutions, UMB Bank, and ConnectYourCare, our partner in creating the premier health care solution in the industry. With more than 10 years of experience in the Consumer Directed Health Care industry, UMB has more than $200 million in custodial funds and more than 2 million outstanding health care debit cards from coast to coast. We provide all custodial services which eliminates your need to administrate:

  • Tax reporting
  • Investment options
  • Online balance reporting
  • Monthly statements

The Competitive Advantage

Corr Banking - Health Savings Account Graphic

ConnectYourCare provides a unique, easy to implement HSA system that focuses on helping your customers save money by making informed decisions about their healthcare. Selected industry best of class, ConnectYourCare handles online enrollment and provides a secure customer Web site which offers:

  • Health Care Tools
  • Medical Encyclopedia
  • Hospital Comparisons
  • Marketing Material
  • Health Care Debit Cards to Accountholders

Keys to Success

  • Education: Initial and ongoing sales and referral training
  • Marketing Support: Assistance in developing marketing material, Web site, and developing and tracking a viable marketing plan
  • Continual Support: Day-to-day individual, employer, and financial institution support
  • Competitive Advantage: Insurance neutral wellness tools designed to control medical expenses

For a brief demonstration of the advantages you and your customers can have, please review the ConnectYourCare Demo‡, then e-mail:

For information, contact Andre Trudell at 816.860.7215 or