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Image Cash Letters

Designed to save your financial institution both TIME and MONEY, UMB’s convenient image cash letter service is available today. Image cash letters are far more efficient than paper cash letters. Your bank can save time, money, and effort with UMB’s image cash letter service with the following advantages:

  • Eliminate courier costs – Your cash letter is transmitted electronically in the Federal Reserve X937 file format eliminating the need for a courier.
  • Eliminate early cutoffs – You have the capability to process all your work on the same day’s business. If you transmit your cash letter before 8 p.m., you will receive the best per item pricing.
  • Improved availability – Cash letters will be processed in time to meet all deadlines and deposits received by 8 p.m. will receive same-day ledger credit. Deposits received by midnight receive the best availability.
  • Faster collection of all items – Processors may establish later deadlines since they are not dependent on early cash letter pickups.
  • Reduced exception processing effort – Reject item processing is reduced since the items are processed electronically.
  • Billing is simplified - It is done through your monthly account analysis.

Whether your bank currently utilizes an image cash letter service or you are considering such a move, UMB has an answer for you. Please contact your personal UMB representative or

Andre Trudell


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