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*Introductory Rate is a fixed Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of 1.99% for one (1) year, 2.99% for three (3) years, or 3.99% for five (5) years. The APR will not increase during the fixed periods following the date of account opening and not based on an index and margin used for later rate adjustments. Finance charges begin the date a transaction is posted to your account.

Introductory Rate assumes the HELOC is on a primary residence and customer has, in addition to this HELOC, any combination of two or more loan or deposit products from UMB. Otherwise, Introductory Rate will be 0.50% higher for each exception. Other factors, such as loan amount, loan purpose and borrower occupancy may affect the Introductory Rate.

After the Introductory Rate period, the APR may vary for the remaining life of the loan. The APR is based on an index, which is the highest prime rate published in the Wall Street Journal “Money Rates” table as of the last business day of the preceding month. To determine the APR, we add a margin to the value of the index. As of June 1, 2013, the variable APR would have ranged from the Introductory Rate (1.99%, 2.99%, or 3.99%, which is the minimum rates under the plans) to 5.75%. After the Introductory Rate, the APR can change monthly, but will not be lower than 2.49% or exceed 18%.

The HELOC has a draw period of ten (10) years and a balloon payment will result if only the minimum monthly payment is made.

Hazard and flood insurance, as applicable, is required for the property that secures this HELOC. In addition, an origination fee of the lesser of $250 or 1% of the commitment amount will be due at account opening. Minimum credit line is $10,000. If this HELOC is closed within five (5) years after account opening, a prepayment penalty for the lesser of $250 or two percent (2%) of the principal balance may be required. If your payment is not received within fifteen (15) days of your due date, a late fee will be assessed, not to exceed five percent (5%) of the minimum payment due. This offer is available only to new accounts and cannot be used in conjunction with any previous promotional offers.

**Current variable rate of 3.99% APR is based on a loan amount greater than $100,000 as of June 1, 2013.