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Certificates of Deposit

For those desiring a savings option that pays them back at a higher rate, a Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a great option offered by UMB. CDs are time deposits that pay a fixed interest rate at the end of a term that is generally higher than other types of savings accounts. Terms can range from 32 days to six years. So if you’ve got a little time and a little money, maybe a CD is for you.

A CD (called a time deposit if under $100,000) may be opened for as little as $500. Generally, the longer the money is left on deposit, the higher the interest rate. Substantial penalties exist for withdrawal prior to the maturity date.


  • Flexible maturities of 32 days to six years
  • Automatically renewable
  • May be used as collateral
  • Interest may be added to the time deposit, paid by check, or deposited into another checking or savings account

For more information, please contact us or stop by any UMB banking center to speak with a personal banking representative.