Treasury Management

UMB has long been an industry leader in offering small businesses the most current and relevant treasury management banking products built with the small business in mind.

Low-Volume Lockbox

  • Outsource collecting of your payment
  • Designed for businesses receiving 1 to 100 checks per month
  • Provides accurate and efficient deposit process to maximize funds availability

Account Block

  • Block all unauthorized Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) transactions
  • Protects your accounts from fraudulent activity

Positive Pay

  • You can provide UMB with a list of checks to pay
  • Protective checking system that monitors your account’s activity against your issued checks
  • Suspect items are rejected and researched to determine accuracy
  • All suspect items are reported to you for pay or return instructions

Check Image

  • Provides bank statement and check images via CD-ROM
  • Simplify the reconciliation and research process

Direct Deposit of Payroll

  • Safe, convenient and efficient method for both you and your employees
  • More cost effective than paper checks


Check Recovery Services

  • No-cost solution to collecting bad checks
  • Converts returned checks into electronic items to increase your chance of collection.
  • Receive 100 percent of every check collected

For more information about treasury management products and services, visit any UMB banking center or contact us via phone or e-mail.