Business Real Estate Loans

Because of the size and strength of UMB, we can offer our commercial customers real estate loans that meet any short- or long-term financing need.

We offer commercial real estate loans for the construction and/or development of properties as well as for the acquisition of farmland and land for other commercial uses.


  • Provide financing for purchases or capital improvements
  • Available for land acquisition
  • Regular, scheduled repayment terms of principal and interest
  • Convenient direct debit payment
  • Up to 80 percent of the lower cost or value (up to 90 percent with Small Business Administration guaranty) on owner-occupied real estate
  • Up to 75 percent financing of the lower cost or value of non-owner occupied real estate
  • In some circumstances, no appraisal is required
  • Three- or five-year interest rate adjustments
  • Low down payment
  • Competitive interest rate

Visit any UMB banking center or contact us via phone or e-mail for more information.