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Payroll Services

UMB has partnered with Paycor to deliver a robust payroll processing solution which includes customized reporting and complete payroll tax filing. Paycor provides comprehensive payroll and human resource services to businesses of all sizes and understands that each business’ payroll needs are unique.


Increase Your Efficiency

  • Automatic payroll tax filing eliminates the burden of filing all federal, state, local, county and school district payroll taxes.
  • Reports are accessible online for convenient access. Paycor offers over 30 standards reports at no charge and customized reports are also available.
  • Paycor offers a variety of ways to manage a paperless payroll, including online payroll stubs.

Streamline Your Account Reconciliation

  • Direct Deposit employee payroll is drawn from your company account in one sum.
  • All Paycor Official Checks are drawn on one centralized account at UMB, making employee check readily negotiable. This service also ensures confidentiality since cleared checks are returned to Paycor, not your office.

Receive Dedicated Service
Paycor assigns a dedicated payroll specialist to personally handle payroll, answer any questions, assist in developing a more efficient reconciliation process, and reduce administrative expenses.


Internet Entry
Enjoy the convenience, simplicity and security of entering payroll anytime, anywhere through the convenience of the Internet.

Phone/Fax Entry
Simply submit your payroll data via phone or fax and Paycor will make the payroll entries for you.

Software Based Entry
Paycor for Windows is software that resides locally on your PC and allows full control of an in-house system with the convenience of outsourcing your payroll needs.


Time and Labor Management
Paycor’s Time on Demand solution is a Web-hosted time and attendance solution for highly secure, cost-effective labor management. Time on Demand is designed for larger payroll clients. Paycor’s ReadyClock solution is a robust, yet intuitive, Web-based time and attendance solution designed for smaller payroll clients.

Human Resource Information Systems
HR Performer empowers your organization with easy-to-use communication and workflow management tools so your HR staff can spend more time focusing on strategic HR activities.

Find out how UMB and Paycor can assist you with your payroll needs. E-mail or contact your local UMB representative.