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Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)

The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) of 1977 is implemented by the regulatory agencies which requires insured depository institutions to make publicly available business, farm, and community development lending volumes. The law also states that banks must record their efforts in helping to meet the credit needs of its entire community, including low- and moderate-income neighborhoods.

CRA Public Files

These files are made available to the public. Upon request, the bank can provide paper copies and in accordance with the regulation, may charge a reasonable fee for the cost of copying and mailing (if applicable). Except as otherwise noted in the public file content definitions, these files are required to be current as of April 1 of each year.

If you have questions about the bank's CRA performance or would like a copy of the public file, please email*

Public File Contents

  • CRA Written Public Comments - All written comments received from the public for the current year and each of the prior two calendar years that specifically relate to the bank's performance in helping meet community credit needs, and any response to the comments by the bank.
  • CRA Performance Evaluation - A copy of the public section of the bank's most recent CRA Performance Evaluation prepared by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC).
  • Branches & Geographies - A list of the bank's branches, their street addresses, hours of operation, and census tract geographies.
  • Branch Openings and Closings - A list of branches opened or closed during the current year and each of the two prior calendar years, their street addresses and geographies.
  • List of Services - A list of the bank's services generally offered at each of its branches.
  • Assessment Area Maps & Census Tract Information - A map of each assessment area and identifying the census tracts within the area.
  • CRA Disclosure Statements - Copies of the bank's CRA disclosure statements for each of the two prior calendar years.
  • HMDA Disclosure Statements - Copies of the bank's HMDA disclosure statements by assessment area for each of the two prior calendar years.

UMB Bank, n.a. Public Files (Headquartered at 1010 Grand Boulevard, Kansas City, MO)

Assessment Area Maps

Branch Information

CRA Disclosure Statements

CRA Performance Evaluations

HMDA Disclosure Statements

Bank Products and Services

Public Comments

*Please note that there is a cost to print and/or mail copies of the bank’s CRA public file.