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Commercial Financial Education

UMB introduces a series of podcasts to help educate you about financial basics. Listen to the podcast in your Internet browser, or download it and play it when – and where – it's most convenient for you.


Examining the Economic Crisis - Peter deSilva, UMB COO, looks at the mortgage crisis as a key contributing factor preceding the perfect storm of today’s turbulent economy. Listen Now (.mp3)

Roadmap to Retirement - Learn how to develop a solid retirement plan so you can spend more time dreaming about your retirement then worrying about how you’ll finance it. Listen Now (.mp3)

Life Insurance 101 - You don’t want your family’s hopes and dreams to die if you do. Listen as we try to demystify and simplify life insurance for you. Listen Now (.mp3)

Investing in Your Thirties - If you’re a 30-something, listen and learn about important financial tools, products and strategies for this stage in your life. Listen Now (.mp3)

How to Select a Mutual Fund - Listen and learn the four P's of selecting a mutual fund and much more. Listen Now (.mp3)

Talking to Teens About Money - Listen for ideas on talking to your teen and how to help him get started down the right financial path. Listen Now (.mp3)

Health Savings Account (HSA) Basics - Consider a Health Savings Account to gain more control of your health care spending. HSAs can reduce your overall cost of health care. Listen Now (.mp3)

Tips for the First-time Homebuyer - Here's some practical advice to help put your mind at ease, and help you prepare. Listen Now (.mp3)

Online Security - Here's a primer on some of the things you need to keep in mind when it comes to using your money on the Web. Listen Now (.mp3)

Choosing a Financial Planner - Pick a financial planner who can help you assess your current financial situation and determine your goals for the future. Listen Now (.mp3)

The Car Buying Experience - If you are buying a new or used car, here are some helpful tips to make your purchase a success. Listen Now (.mp3)

Investing in Your Twenties - In this episode, we discuss how to get started investing, saving and managing your money while in your twenties. Listen Now (.mp3)

Basics of a Home Equity Line - A discussion on home equity lines of credit; the basics, how they can be used, and the pros and cons of using the equity in your home. Listen Now (.mp3)

You can also download the UMB Financial Facts Podcast in Apple’s iTunes Music Store.

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Views expressed in this Podcast may not necessarily be the views of UMB, nor should they be taken as legal advice. Please consult an attorney for assistance with your particular situation.