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How UMB keeps your card data secure

Our top priority is to keep our customers' accounts and information safe and secure. As a provider of card solutions to businesses across the U.S., it's critical that we implement and enforce procedures that help ensure data safety. As part of that, we do not allow full card or account numbers to be provided in emails. Email communication can be an unsecure environment for sensitive information.

Working with card support services

Occasionally, you or your business may need dedicated support for your card solution. We are committed to providing exceptional service, and we must also balance that service with security. If you need to connect with your client advisor support team via email regarding your UMB card solution, please use the template linked below. This template was created to help reduce and prevent full account or card numbers from being emailed.

Open the card support Outlook email template

When you click the template, it will automatically open as a pre-filled email addressed to our central mailbox: The template can also be saved in your files for easy reference later. If your default email is not Outlook, please use the below link to the document version, which can be copied and pasted into any email message

Open the Word version of the email template

If you have any questions about how to communicate with the client advisor teams, or UMB's information security, please feel free to contact UMB Client Care Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-6:00 p.m. (CT) at 855.698.8050.

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Security and Privacy

UMB is committed to safeguarding your personal financial information.