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UMB Visa® Commercial Card

Use the UMB Visa® Commercial Card as a powerful tool to help you manage your employees’ travel and entertainment expenses, monitor your vendor expenses, and control your cash flow more effectively. Management can even restrict spending on each card automatically with preauthorized limits and controls. Spending limits provide for control of the total dollar amount of spending during a given month. Single transaction dollar limits give you the ability to specify the maximum amount of a single purchase.

Travel Rewards Program

Companies that enroll in the Travel Rewards Program will earn one point for each dollar spent when using their enrolled rewards card. The company can redeem these points for travel rewards such as airline, car rental and hotel packages.

Customize your rewards program to fit your company’s needs:

  • Link all points earned by your company into one account or
  • Allow each employee to maintain his/her own account through individual billing.

Unlike other reward programs, you are not limited in the amount of points you can earn each year.

Customized Reports Available

Spending analysis reports allow you to select the specific spending categories you wish to monitor and analyze. Each category of reporting can be customized to deliver only the information you need. Summary reports recap month-by-month expenses for various spending categories. Reports include a list of monthly cardholder expenses sorted by cardholder, division, department, special project or other categories as required, and can be delivered monthly, quarterly, at fiscal year-end or calendar year-end.

Flexible Billing

Central billing provides a single statement directly to your accounts payable department, organized and itemized by each cardholder’s monthly activity. One consolidated statement means you only need to cut one check for payment on all of your accounts. Customized billing combines the advantages of both central and cardholder billing.

UMB Visa Commercial Card Benefits

  • Online Account Access
  • Travel Insurance
  • Travel and Emergency Assistance
  • Medical Referral
  • Legal Referral
  • Auto Rental Insurance
  • Emergency Cash and Card Replacement
  • Worldwide Acceptance
  • Instant Cash Access

Questions about commercial credit cards? For more information, contact us via phone or e-mail.

Certain restrictions, conditions and exclusions apply to the benefits listed above.