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Commercial Leasing

UMB Leasing Corporation provides companies with commercial equipment leasing opportunities in lieu of outright purchase. With a lease, UMB Leasing Corporation purchases the equipment and leases it to you. Our more than 25 years of experience and expertise in executing leases for our customers makes it easy.

Types of Commercial Leasing Arrangements

  • Capital lease – The user of the equipment (the lessee) generally enjoys the advantages of the ownership of the equipment. The lessee obtains the benefits of accelerated depreciation and has the right to acquire the equipment at a predetermined price when the original lease term ends. The lessor (UMB Leasing Corporation), for accounting and income tax purposes, treats the finance lease as a loan.
  • Operating lease – The lessor enjoys the advantages of ownership by taking advantage of the accelerated depreciation as well as looking to the residual value of the equipment for part of the return. This return is realized at the end of the lease when the equipment is sold for its fair market value. The lessee gets the advantage of lower lease payments made possible by the benefits to the lessor.

Commercial Leasing Benefits

  • Flexibility with working capital. Save money by leasing equipment and making small monthly payments.
  • Complete financing. You can save money by getting 100 percent of the lease price financed.

For more information, contact us via phone or e-mail.

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Online Banking

Pay your bills online. It saves you time and money.

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Security and Privacy

Protect yourself with these safety tips.