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UMB Direct | Business Online Banking

UMB Direct™ provides a secure and efficient way to manage your business’ financial information, including enhanced information reporting, ACH and Wire payments, transfers, fraud control, check services and controlling access for your employees.

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There are five themes that make up the core of UMB Direct’s enhanced features and benefits:

1. Simplification
Your user experience will be simplified, making it easier for you to leverage the functionality of the system.
• Intuitive design so that functions can be performed easily with just a few clicks.
• Help is easy to access from any page in UMB Direct.
• A configurable homepage with the ability to place widgets providing direct access to accounts and reports that you use frequently.
• Prior day and current day reporting screens are configurable in terms of the details, balance and information that are displayed.

2. Integration
You can access all services, including payments and transfers, from one integrated system.
• You can access multiple services with only one login credential.
• UMB Direct has a consistent user interface throughout the system.
• Wire transfer initiation and template creation is integrated within UMB Direct.

3. Security
The information you view within UMB Direct is accurate and secure.
• Flexible approval options enable you to choose the number of approvals that need to take place before a payment or transfer is initiated. You can also have approval authority based on the dollar amounts of transactions.
• UMB Direct has a service that monitors your activities in the background to help identify potentially fraudulent situations.
• Authorization of payments with tokens takes place at the time of payment initiation rather than logging into UMB Direct.
• You can create specific roles and authorities for each individual user based on their duties within the company or authorization to access certain functions or initiate certain types of payments and dollar limits.

4. Self Service
Through client administration, you can manage your users and control the scope of their services, placing information security directly in your hands.
• You can have system administrators at your company to maintain the access capabilities for different users. You can add new users, delete users and modify access for existing users.
• You can reset passwords without having to contact UMB.
• You can create templates for wire and ACH payments, which can be saved with static information that doesn’t have to be re-entered each time a payment is initiated.
• E-Learning modules are available to provide training for all of the features and services within UMB Direct.

5. Flexibility
UMB Direct allows you to add services, such as Positive Pay, as your company grows and expands. There are also options within the individual service that allow you to customize the way you use UMB Direct.
• Search for and view paid check images, deposit tickets, deposited checks and returned items deposited.
• UMB Direct is supported on multiple types of browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.
• You can perform account activity and transaction searches within Information Reporting.
• Online, real-time stop payment placement.


For more information, contact us via phone or e-mail or visit any UMB banking center.