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Preventing E-Payment Fraud

UMB is committed to the protection of customer information and transactions and preventing online fraud. As part of that commitment, UMB has initiated a multi-phase program to enhance security across all of our e-payment platforms.

To ensure your transaction processing is as secure as possible and to protect your organization against fraud, UMB requires its customers to implement risk mitigation strategies of Dual Control and enhanced login security through use of a Security Token.

Dual Control

Dual control requires that one individual initiates a transaction and another individual approves the initiated transactions or “batch.” Effective January 2, 2010, UMB offers a discount on ACH payment batches sent through a dual control process. Both ACH and Wire Transfer transactions are subject to this requirement.

To assist in your adoption of Dual Control, UMB provides a Report of ACH Users. This report, found in the Information Reporting module under ESP Reports, shows the individuals in your organization that are authorized to provide approval for your ACH payment batch. 

Security Token

All customers with the authority to initiate payments are required to use a security token at login. The security token provides a new and unique individual password every 60 seconds, reducing the opportunity for malicious software to steal your User ID and static password.

If you have recently received a Security Token from UMB, please click here (.pdf) for information regarding its use.

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Online Banking

Pay your bills online. It saves you time and money.

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Security and Privacy

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