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Nonprofit Treasury Management

Given our experience with the nonprofit industry, UMB understands the evolving needs of our nonprofit customers. More and more, we find organizations in this industry setting goals and objectives focused on maintaining public confidence, providing transparency and producing real-time information reporting. In addition, with online giving joining the traditional channel of fundraising, the need for fraud protection has increased.

UMB provides solutions for nonprofits that support the following goals: 

  • Maintaining Public Confidence -- Financial integrity and control is an important cornerstone for nonprofits. Donor confidence is strong when there is a reputable financial institution backing the organization.
  • Transparency -- Organizational transparency enables financial managers and business leaders to spot opportunities and concerns quickly and proactively.
  • Evolving Payment Methods -- As a nonprofit grows or the demographics of the donation base mixes, it is important for the financial partner to be able to grow and evolve with the changes.
  • Fraud Protection and Efficiencies -- Nonprofits are frequently compared to other nonprofits for efficiencies and best use of donation dollars. Donors want their money maximized to further the cause.

For more information, please contact us via phone or email.