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Utilities Treasury Management

With extensive experience in the utilities industry, UMB provides strategic solutions to suit the specific needs of your business and to efficiently manage working capital. Utility companies are striving to stay competitive in the ever-changing industry, especially with expansion and consolidation being crucial parts of the current environment. UMB offers industry-leading payment solutions that effectively manage diverse revenue streams, whether it’s mobile solutions for on-site technicians or providing reliable, secure environments for processing traditional customer payments.

UMB provides solutions for utilities that focus on the following:

  • Consolidation -- Some utility companies have easier access to capital and are better equipped to apply “best practices” through operational efficiencies. With this in mind, UMB financial managers look for products that save administrative costs and improve the bottom-line.
  • Services Outside Core Business Model -- Utilities are expanding to activities outside the core business model, such as repair services for homeowners or operators. It is critical to work with financial partners that can adapt to this changing industry.
  • Online Bill Pay -- Online payments have joined traditional channels as a form of customer payment, increasing the need for diversification and, with it, fraud protection for the utility companies. 

For more information, please contact us via phone or email.