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Commercial Account Reconciliation

Improve fraud control with UMB Account Reconciliation Services. This suite of products helps increase staff productivity while reducing your company’s administrative and clerical expenses.

Through our account reconciliation services, UMB will provide as much, or as little assistance as your company requires. You can choose the option that best fits your business.

New Clients 
The Account Reconciliation Setup Guide (.pdf) is your resource for creation and transfer of files.

Sort Only

Paid checks are sorted into numerical check number order and returned with the bank statement. Sorted checks and statements are ready for the client three business days following statement cutoff.

Partial Reconciliation

MICR detail is captured from each check presented for payment. Check number, date paid and amount paid detail is consolidated and listed on hard copy report daily, weekly or monthly. A data file of the paid items is also available for transmission at the end of each month. This will automate the process of entering cleared check data. The reports total is reconciled against the "Total Checks and Other Debits" figure on the account statement. Reports are ready for the client five business days following statement cutoff. Check sorting is included.

Full Reconciliation

Issued check detail is reconciled against the "Paid Checks" detail. In addition to reconciling debits on the statement, mismatches and encoding errors are researched and adjusted as a part of this service. We also review the Checks Paid -- No Issue Report to make sure they are legitimate items issued by the company. We offer three reconciliation reports, which are ready for the client 10 business days following receipt of the issue file. Check sorting is included.

For more information, contact us via phone or e-mail or visit any UMB banking center.

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Online Banking

Pay your bills online. It saves you time and money.

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Security and Privacy

Protect yourself with these safety tips.