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Commercial Wire Transfers

With expertise and longevity that spans many years, UMB has become one of the top 50 wire transfer operators in the Federal Reserve Bank system. Our knowledge and state-of-the-art technology enable clients to move money quickly, securely and efficiently.

How It Works

By using voice instructions via telephone or your Internet browser (incorporating 128-bit encryption), you can initiate money wire transfer movements quickly and securely. You can also check the status of incoming or outgoing wire transfers. Individual users are issued passwords and varying levels of secondary authorization can be implemented for additional security.

Online Wire Transfer Features

  • Automatic standing transfers can be established to transfer funds on a repetitive basis.
  • International transfers are easily handled.
  • Wire instructions can be dated for release at a future date.
  • High-volume clients can transfer files to UMB, which contain multiple wire instructions for direct input to our wire system. This service allows for the quick initiation of many wire transfers in a short amount of time.
  • UMB offers online, real-time reporting by direct access to our wire transfer system. Reports include full detail along with Federal Reserve Bank reference numbers.
  • You can be assured of high system availability – redundant servers, an un-interruptible power supply and 24/7 oversight makes this possible.

Online Wire Transfer Benefits

  • You can review previous day or intraday transactions in a secured, online environment.
  • You have the ability to quickly determine your intraday cash position.
  • Repetitive and non-repetitive wire transactions can be easily initiated.
  • Each user at your company is assigned an individual user ID and password, to further enhance security.
  • Through security administration, you can manage your users and control the scope of their services, placing information security directly in your hands.

Questions? Contact us for more information about wire transfers.


Secondary authorization can also be established.

UMB maintains all administration rights to all users, which adds an additional protective layer of security. Only authorized company individuals can request user access to initiate or approve transactions.



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