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Image Retail Lockbox

The UMB Image Retail Lockbox service provides state-of-the-art processing of scannable remittance documents, using the most advanced equipment and software.

Our staff of knowledgeable professionals is specifically dedicated to handling your lockbox needs with a focused approach that demonstrates our absolute commitment to providing superior payment processing.

How It Works

UMB retail lockbox system incorporates an enhanced mail and check collection system to reduce receivables float. Automated mail openers and high volume processing machines optically scan remittance documents for payment data and electronically update accounts receivable systems.

Checks are encoded and prepared for deposit as the payment data is captured. This information is captured to an electronic file for delivery to you by direct data transmission. In addition, we provide images of the checks on periodic CD-ROMs.

Retail Lockbox Features

  • Our retail processing equipment is programmed specifically to accommodate your unique requirements and remittance documents.
  • UMB maintains its own data processing staff assigned to the retail-processing environment, which allows us to respond quickly to your requests.
  • Our processing environment assures accurate handling that reduces problem resolution staffing in your operation.
  • All payment information is marked with an internal trace number on the back of the documents as they are processed. This trace number is used for cross-reference in reporting and research to provide an audit trail.
  • UMB’s three-site processing network, running redundant hardware and software, provides built-in disaster recovery processing.

Retail Lockbox Benefits

  • UMB's retail lockbox operations can provide faster clearance of checks through accelerated processing and by meeting early morning check collection deadlines.
  • Our retail lockbox service is specifically designed to reduce each component of receivables float, improving your organization's receivables cash flow.
  • Your clerical staff is freed for other tasks that can reduce the associated processing costs. Eliminates the need for costly equipment expenditure and maintenance.
  • Your accounts receivable system can be updated the same day payments are deposited via our direct transmission. Supporting documentation is delivered to you per your instructions.

For more information, contact us via phone or e-mail or visit any UMB banking center.

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