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Custody Services

As one of the nation’s leading custodians, UMB Custody Services provides a superior array of products and services to clients, including domestic and global custody, online viewing access, real-time operating system availability, industry and client-specific data interfaces, automated cash management and straight-through securities processing.

UMB Bank first offered custody services to institutional investors in 1948. Since that time, we have been committed to maintaining a quality institutional custody program with a focus on client service. We currently provide custody services for more than $85 billion in assets. In addition, UMB Investment Banking offers customized strategies for clients to help meet their unique liquidity and investment needs. We have been active in securities markets since 1928 and with our experienced investment staff we can help you navigate through the ever-changing economic environment.

Service highlights

• One point of contact allows us to understand your needs and provide immediate responses.
• Straight-through processing speeds transaction activity.
• Domestic and global transaction processing.
• Robust security master accommodates data requirements of complex holdings.
• Cash management services to support client needs.
• Commitment to innovation through technology.
• Additionally, a UMB executive is chairman of the Operations Advisory Committee at DTCC, allowing our organization access to and dialogue with the depositories.

Key services

• Domestic and global trade settlement
• Dividend and income collection
• Corporate action and entitlement processing
• Client cash movement and control
• Account expense activity
• Daily and intra-day account cash availability
• Internet access to data and reports
• Straight-through processing routines
• Audit trail reporting
• Securities position records distributed/ received electronically to/from clients
• Securities lending

Global Plus

UMB uses SunGard’s Global Plus as our custody system. Global Plus was built in 1987 by a software company named Premier. SunGard obtained all of the rights and code to Global Plus when it purchased Premier in 1997. The system has been in place at UMB since early 2004.
Global Plus is a multicurrency, trade date, and accrual-based asset management and accounting platform. It supports the processing requirements of both domestic and international asset management and consolidates international and domestic investments for client reporting. Global Plus integrates advanced securities processing and multi-currency accounting capabilities to provide an online, real-time global asset management system. As a parameter-driven system, Global Plus provides the capability to define security processing rules by security type, which facilitates the processing of new investment instruments.

Global Plus processes all phases of a security transaction, from order entry through settlement. Global Plus provides processing activities for buys, sells, security deposits and withdrawals, automatic maturity processing, and option processing functions.

Key functions of Global Plus

• Cash can be tracked in all major currencies for trade cash settlement.
• Transactions can be reversed as of the current date or as of the original posting date.
• If dated as of the prior date, Global Plus rolls forward the changes and corrects subsequent transactions.
• Automated SWIFT interface.
• “As of” reporting.
• Provides the ability to trade in an unlimited number of currencies, including one base currency.
• Global Plus reporting and files can be provided as either trade date or settlement date reporting.
• Files can also be provided for cash forecast information.

We also are able to provide a daily data file for positions and the prior day’s portfolio activity into the Advent, CAMRA and PAM investment accounting packages. We are always available to discuss additional file requests or enhancements.

With respect to system updates, Global Plus has one major release per year as well as quarterly “mini-releases.”

Your interface: UMB TrustDirect™

UMB TrustDirect provides online access to your custody account information (from Global Plus), including cash, currency and sweep balances, asset positions (both traded and settled), your prior day’s activity (blotter), current-day cash and currency projections updated every 90 minutes (forecast), all future pending transactions and 24 months of account history. You also have the ability to design free-form data queries and export data on an ad-hoc basis. All of this data is customizable and exportable to media with importing capabilities, such as Excel. Each user’s “views” are saved/changed per their own preferred settings each time they log off. To use UMB TrustDirect, which is available 24x7, you will need Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher. There are no additional fees for user access to UMB TrustDirect.

In addition to your client team, UMB TrustDirect client support is available from 8 a.m. - midnight CT.

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