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We do our best to stick to our hiring process guide. However, like in life, things happen. If you have questions about this guide or your application specifically, contact us here

Have you ever felt like you’re repeating yourself on a job application? We get it. Our applications are specifically designed to be concise – think anywhere from 5-10 minutes. We’ll capture your basic information and follow up later if needed. However, there are some roles that will require you to complete an assessment, which can add some additional time.

Great question! We’re pretty proud of this one. The first day(s) at a new job are typically filled with an endless stream of information about company policies, paperwork and more. You go home feeling drained and wondering if you made the right choice. Is there a lot to learn at UMB? Sure. But, our unique first day and onboarding experience ensures you have the right information at the right time, throughout your first few months, instead of days.


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