Platform Privacy Notice

This page details the online-related information automatically collected from you when you use the Benefits by Wex web portal or mobile application.

UMB also collects information that you voluntarily provide us in connection with your benefits products and services, such as your name, address and social security number. How we use this information, and information created in the course of providing you those benefits products and services, can be found here.

What data is collected from you

UMB and its third party service provider, WEX Inc., collect online-related information about you when you use Benefits by Wex. This includes information such as device type, browser type, pages visited and average time spent on various pages.

How data is collected from you

UMB and WEX Inc. may use cookies to collect this information from you. A cookie is a small data file placed on your device that your browser will add information to about how you use a website. It may also add information about the device you are using, such as a computer or smart phone. That information is then viewable to companies like UMB and WEX Inc. You may be able to disable cookies or adjust other preferences in your browser settings, but this may affect the functionality of this and other websites or mobile applications.

How we use your data

UMB and WEX Inc. use the information described above to improve your experience on Benefits by Wex. Your online-related information collected while using Benefits by Wex will never be sold by UMB or WEX, Inc.

Questions and further information

Feel free to direct any questions about this page to the UMB Privacy Office at