Corporate Trust and Escrow Services

UMB is a nationally recognized and ranked provider of bond trustee and agency services to the corporate and municipal marketplaces.

Corporate Trust and Escrow Services

UMB is a nationally recognized and ranked provider of bond trustee and agency services to the corporate and municipal marketplaces.

Holistic partner

With experience in all aspects of paying agent, trust, escrow and custody administration, our dedicated team provides expertise and comprehensive service to meet your needs.

Streamlined communication

With UMB, you have direct access to your relationship manager whenever you need it. By getting to know you and your organization, we are better able to partner with you and meet your needs throughout the process.

Flexible solutions

We understand your corporate trust needs don't fall into a one-size-fits-all approach. That's why we build customized solutions for you, typically with quicker response times than the largest providers.

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National Reach

Our trust services reach beyond traditional offerings to servicing aviation, reinsurance and funeral trusts, while our agency business provides solutions for escrow and other transactional needs. We have national reach, with offices across the U.S.

  • Austin
  • Boston
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • Grand Rapids
  • Houston
  • Kansas City
  • Minneapolis
  • New York
  • Oklahoma City
  • Phoenix
  • St. Louis
  • Des Moines
  • Salt Lake City

We work with issuers and obligors of corporate and municipal debt to serve as trustee and paying agent for a variety of transactions.

Our team brings a wealth of knowledge to your organization, experience you can rely on, and the valuable service you expect from your trustee and paying agent.

Our solutions include efficient account setups, personalized trust administration with a dedicated team for support, and access to real-time online account reports. UMB Corporate Trust also provides reliable paying agent services. Detailed record keeping, experienced professionals, and accurate payment systems all work together to ensure prompt payments.

Acting as your independent, third-party escrow agent, UMB can hold assets, invest funds, handle tax reporting and manage distributions. We work closely with our in-house attorneys and back-office team to establish clear communication and facilitate efficient escrow transactions with a range of needs.

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Subscription/capital raise escrows
  • Equipment leasing escrows
  • Class action/litigation settlements
  • Asset purchases or sales
  • Construction/contractor retention
  • Performance/contingency
  • Pre-need trusts
  • Reinsurance trusts
  • Environmental trust and escrow
  • 1031 like-kind exchanges

UMB can meet the broad needs of bondholders, help navigate trouble spots as they occur, and help protect bondholder value. Our distressed debt team includes relationship managers and workout specialists who handle all aspects of a troubled financing and who recognize the economic implications of the deal. Our distressed debt team has experience with a wide range of corporate and municipal transactions. Transaction types include:

  • Restructurings
  • Sales
  • Consent solicitations
  • Transfers and distributions
  • Bondholder inquiries

Our trust services reach beyond traditional offerings to include complex asset backed securities (ABS) transactions, including commercial aircraft leases, auto loans/leases, cell tower leases, unsecured consumer loans, credit cards, equipment leases, structured settlements, student loans and esoteric transactions.

  • Indenture trustee
  • Cash management
  • Owner trustee
  • Calculation and tax agent
  • Paying agent and registrar
  • Back-up servicer
  • Account bank


We offer unique trust and agency solutions for the specialty trustee industry.

  • Efficient account setup

  • Real-time account reports

  • Comprehensive trust service options

  • Personalized trust administration
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  • Dedicated team
  • Reliable service
  • Comprehensive solutions
  • Real-time reporting
  • Meticulous detail
  • Efficient systems
  • Customized to you
  • Experience and expertise

How an escrow agent works for your capital raise

If you are preparing to start raising capital for a new private placement offering, you have a lot on your plate.With the intricacies of regulation, requirements and setup that a new offering can have, it’s smart to ensure you have a solid understanding of the how, where and why of funds movement.

Corporate trust survey.

Top considerations for a funeral trust

A trust program can be beneficial to both your organization and your clients—potentially generating trust income to help maintain your business while offering your clients a way to prepare for their funeral and cemetery care expenses.

UMB InvestmentDirect™

UMB InvestmentDirect provides secure online access to your trust account, where clients can view portfolio allocation by asset class, percentage or dollar amount, as well as track its value over time. Additional features include tax lot information and summaries, transaction data and reporting functionality including:

  • Data export

  • Custom account group creation

  • Statement view and download

  • Custom free-form data queries

Client onboarding

For businesses and institutions who would like to open a new UMB account or update a current account, we are required to collect certain information about the owners/controllers of the company. Use the following links to review or complete your Beneficial Ownership Certification Requirements and the Politically Exposed Persons and Sanctions Screening (Optional).