Banking as A Service

Empower Your Innovation

UMB Bank supports our fintech partners to achieve rapid growth through open banking API integration. Our expansive experience and knowledge in banking as a service, coupled with your thirst for innovation, is the perfect partnership to achieve your vision.

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We are built for scale with robust technology, an established network and a tenured team.

Core Platform

We understand banking, and our core banking platform is honed and fine-tuned for a seamless integration.

Bank APIs

Our open banking APIs meet you where you are. Deploy financial functionality in a compliant and secure environment.

Regulatory Framework

We’re passionate and precise about the regulatory environment to ensure your vision is successful.

Bank Network

We offer a nationwide bank network that's hundreds strong.

Risk & Compliance

Risk Services support regulatory customer information requirements as part of account opening and due diligence.

  • Retrieve all questions required for new customer application
  • Retrieve questions in specific categories for customer completion
  • Validate customer responses, per question ID, for review
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Support onboarding, retrieving, and updating customer information.

  • Onboard customers upon application review and approval
  • Retrieve your customers' account number and personal identification
  • Update key customer data
  • Search customers using specified criteria

Provides the ability for your privacy and account teams to access customer account data, view transaction history, and initiate account closure.

  • Retrieve your customers' account details such as address and phone number
  • Retrieve your customers' transactions within specified date range
  • Initial account closure