Retail Alternative Fund Services

Industry leading technology, expertise and service for retail alternative fund structures

UMB delivers industry-leading technology, expertise and service for private-placement, non-traded REITs, BDCs, interval and Reg D funds—including support for their unique needs such as layered commission structures and an unlimited number of investors.


Innovative platform solution

Connectivity to leading investor account onboarding platforms


Sophisticated features

Automated OCR subscription and tender processing to support high-volume, short-period spikes for tenders or product closings.


High-touch client service

Domestic service teams and client-focused approach.


Access specialized support for retail alternative funds with UMB. Consult with experts today.

Comprehensive services to support your private-placement, non-traded REIT, BDC, interval or Reg D fund

Investor services and transfer agency

UMB supports investor servicing for your retail alternative fund through robust technology and a client focused approach. Our transfer agency team provides web portal, call center services, mail and document management, transaction processing, quality control and more. We’re connected to leading investor account onboarding platforms to support your efficient growth and a top shelf investor experience.

Corporate trust escrow agent services

Acting as your independent, third party escrow agent, UMB can hold assets, invest funds, handle tax reporting and manage distributions for your retail alternative fund. We work closely with our in-house attorneys and relationship management teams to establish clear communication and facilitate efficient escrow transactions with a range of needs. We provide escrow for merger and acquisitions, class action/litigation settlements, subscriptions and capital raise, asset purchases and sales and more.

Custody and cash management

As one of the nation's leading custodians, our clients rely on UMB Institutional Custody to be a trusted partner to safeguard and service domestic and global assets. UMB provides private investment document completion and account opening services and collateral segregation support. Our integrated technology allows for customizable online data access, online corporate action responses, global and domestic settlement and SWIFT-enabled trade processing.

Access specialized support for retail alternative funds with UMB. Consult with experts today.

National Leader in Fund Servicing

UMB Fund Services is a national leader in registered and alternative investment fund services with decades of experience.

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