Investing with a Financial Professional

Your UMB investment experience

Investing can be complicated, and the financial environment is unpredictable. You could navigate through this by yourself, but should you? A financial professional is an excellent partner as you work toward your financial goals.

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Your dedicated financial professional will work with you to build an investment plan tailored to your specific risk tolerance and financial goals.


Allocation models with UMB Fund Advisor are thoroughly researched and hand-picked using a combination of forecasts and historical analysis.


Depending on your risk tolerance and goals, investment portfolios can include a wide range of securities and can be rebalanced as your needs and the markets evolve.

Schedule a consultation to get started on your financial professional-assisted investment experience. 800.842.9999

Your UMB brokerage and investment advisor experience

  • $50,000 minimum initial investment
  • Investment portfolio selections guided by a financial professional
  • One-on-one consultations about personal risk tolerance, timelines and goals
  • Ongoing account monitoring and rebalancing with UMB Fund Advisor
  • Online and mobile account access
  • Planning calculators and investor tools
  • Fund ratings from Morningstar
  • Stock analyst research
  • Service and support through a dedicated financial professional

UMB Financial Services, Inc. offers two different tracks for investment support

Consultations with a financial professional

Your UMB Financial Services, Inc.1 financial professional will prepare your consultation agenda to ensure the conversation is efficient and comprehensive. We will review your financial profile from all angles, from risk management and long-term timelines, to financial goals and challenges. Whether you prefer once a year review, quarterly check-ins or as-needed interactions, your financial professional will be available to guide you.

This option may be right for you if you:

  • Are looking for recommendations and guidance about specific transactions
  • Anticipate infrequent or few trades and transactions
  • Prefer fees based on transactions rather than asset size

Guided investing

UMB Fund Advisor combines the rigorous research of our team with a one-on-one advisor experience to help you map out every inch of your future financial plan. Our customized investment advisory service offered through UMB Financial Services, Inc.'s financial advisors can help you decide which funds are right for your financial goals. Your Fund Advisor experience includes access to a wide variety of mutual funds, proprietary research, an active/passive balance and recommendations from your personal advisor — giving you the opportunity and information to make savvy investment decisions.

UMB Fund Advisor may be right for you if you:

  • Prefer ongoing support, guidance and rebalancing
  • Anticipate a higher frequency of trading
  • Prefer fees based on asset size rather than transactions

You know where you want to go. UMB Fund Advisor can help.

You’ve worked hard and know what you want, but aren’t sure the best way to get there. That’s where we come in. Our guided investment experience can help you with the next step of your financial journey.

Are you ready for retirement?

Retiring is one of the largest transitions a person will encounter in their lifetime, yet only one-third of Americans feel they are ready for retirement.

The dominos are wobbling – The recession indicators are at a tipping point

The first domino is wobbling, yet it hasn’t toppled over. The slope of the yield curve – this critical measure of the difference between two-year and 10-year treasury rates – has inverted (10-year below two-year) well in advance of every recession in U.S. history. The slope recently inverted momentarily, but has since maintained a positive slope.

Investing independently1

Do-it-yourself investors seeking an online, self-directed brokerage account to research, select, purchase, monitor and manage their own investments.

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Custom portfolio construction and management2

We deliver a full-service experience with a dedicated wealth advisor team providing customized investment guidance based on your goals.

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