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UMB Emerging Leader Program

Preparing UMB's emerging talent for a lifetime of unparalleled leadership

UMB’s Emerging Leader Program is a 12 month program designed to give participants exposure to the entire organization through job rotations and interaction with senior leadership with the ultimate goal of being placed into a challenging role. Further, the program works to develop and enhance participants’ leadership skills through frequent roundtables, action learning opportunities, and professional skill building. At the end of the 12 month program each participant will be required to find a placement within the organization through demonstrated hard work and networking efforts.



    • Bachelor's degree
    • GPA or 3.0; GPA of 3.5 preferred
    • Mobility
    • Demonstrated leadership roles at school, at work and/or in the community
    • MBA is preferred

Contact Us to learn more about the program.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is the Emerging Leader Program (ELP) an internship?
A. No, ELP is a full-time opportunity that, dependent upon performance, will result in a corporate placement in an
available position at UMB.

Q. How is salary determined after corporate placement?
A. The Emerging Leader Program is a full-time salaried position offering a variety of benefits including medical and dental insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and flexible spending accounts; a salary analysis and market value worksheet is used to determine salary for all UMB associates.

Q. Who do I report to while in the Emerging Leader Program?
A. Participants report directly to the VP, Talent Planning & Development. Each participant will also get direction and feedback from various business units they are exposed to.

Q. Where are corporate placements available?
A. There are opportunities for corporate placement throughout the UMB footprint including Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and the Kansas City area.

Q. Am I guaranteed a corporate placement?
A. Participants will find corporate placement based upon performance.