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Corporate Support Services


It takes many different types of talent to keep our business running smoothly. In addition to Audit, Information Technology and Risk Management, UMB has many other support functions, such as Corporate Finance, Credit Administration, Human Resources, Sales, Marketing and Communication.

The people in these departments work hard to ensure the associates working directly with our clients have the tools they need to be successful and to provide a customer experience that cannot be found elsewhere. These roles can involve anything from investigating new technology, recruiting excellent talent or creating strategic marketing initiatives. In these positions, you'll have the opportunity to make a true impact on the business and to work with others to solve unique challenges.

Corporate Finance

The Corporate Finance team helps maintain UMB as a stable financial company, despite the ups and downs the economy might experience. This group plays an important role in determining the path of the company and its success. Associates in Corporate Finance are encouraged to take ownership of their projects and to keep UMB on the cutting edge of being both stable and innovative.

Human Resources

We make no secret about what makes UMB great; it has always been, and will always be, our people. As the guardians of company culture, the Human Resources team is focused on making UMB an excellent place to work. We seek to hire people who believe in our values and live them every day. While our associates focus on creating a memorable experience for customers, Human Resources works to provide an equally impressive experience for associates.

Marketing, Communication & Sales

When you imagine a "creative" career, you might not typically picture working at a financial company. We believe in hiring talented and innovative people to tell our story and to communicate our values to our customers, associates and communities. From roles in design, interactive media, sales support, social media, public relations, marketing strategy and more, there are many opportunities to build a career in this area.


Our people make important decisions every day on behalf of our customers. We take that responsibility very seriously and seek knowledgeable legal counsel to ensure we are doing right by the people who have put their trust in us. Our Legal team is charged with staying apprised of regulations and legislation affecting our industry and leading us through these changes.

Credit Administration

UMB offers customers a wide array of products and services, including credit and loan opportunities. The Credit Administration team is responsible for company-wide credit oversight, ensuring that UMB offers and writes quality loans. This team plays an important role in the company's growth and works on many exciting endeavors. By assessing the risks and benefits of our exposures, the Credit Administration team is a great environment to learn the ins and outs of the financial industry.


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