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How UMB Protects You

UMB is committed to protecting your information and implements strong security measures to protect the information you’ve placed in our care. We use layers of physical and cyber security techniques to safeguard your information around the clock. We don’t believe that security is a one-time commitment. We’re continuously monitoring and assessing our security procedures to make sure our safety measures evolve as technology does.

Online banking security measures also include:

  • Secure online banking sessions – Our online banking platform is built using a secure URL certificate using HTTP Secure (HTTPS) which can be identified where the closed padlock icon is displayed in the URL address bar. This additional browser protection provides a secure connection to UMB and helps prevent intrusions into your online banking session.
  • Text and email alerts – Online banking customers can set up account alerts that notify them when balances hit a preset amount, transactions are processed or when checks clear. This real-time information provides better account management, improved monitoring options, and early fraud detection for unauthorized purchases.  
  • Session “time out” – To prevent unauthorized access to your information if you computer is left unattended, online banking customers are automatically logged out of their online banking account after being inactive for a preset period of time.
  • Paperless statements – UMB accounts provide the option for customers to sign up for paperless statements, reducing the chances of personal information being lost in the mail, taken from mailboxes or picked up in the trash. Paperless statements are also protected by being accessed only through your UMB online banking account, which is secured through your unique authentication process.

Online Resources
You play an important part in protecting your information. Learn how to protect yourself using a variety of security tips and tools.