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Something blue and something you didn't expect to pay for: A look at hidden wedding costs

Date posted:  4/25/17 01:45:00 PM Hidden costs usually arise in every wedding.

You've found your perfect soul mate and you can't wait to hear those wedding bells. From carefully picking out the perfect shade of blue to saving each penny for your dream venue, weddings can be very exhausting. Unfortunately, when we become preoccupied with the details and start getting tired, we forget about additional costs associated with this event.

Before you finish planning, familiarize yourself with these often overlooked hidden wedding costs.

There is something exciting about throwing a bash in honor of your love, but that isn't the only aspect of your wedding that's important. Your marriage license is another critical component of this milestone, so ensure you keep it in mind when planning and budgeting for your special day. The Bridal Guide noted this legal document can cost anywhere between $20 and $100. Check with your local government office for specifics, and don't forget to add it to your list of expenses.

Postage stamps

So you've found a beautifully designed boxed invitation that perfectly represents your style. Now you have to send it to your guests. The Knot noted that shipping costs can add up quickly, so be especially picky and mindful when selecting your wedding invitations to avoid spending more than you budgeted for.

Clothing alterations

You want to look especially great on your special day and so will your wedding party. This means you'll likely need to have dresses and suits altered to fit appropriately. These costs can vary a great deal, so staying in contact with your bridal salon or tailor and outlining how much it may cost is critical. This is especially important if you or someone else loses or gains any weight before the big day. Last-minute changes to clothing can be very pricey, so work this into your current budget as well.

Makeup and hair trials

If you or anyone in the wedding party will have hair and makeup done professionally, it may be in the cards to have a trial run before the wedding. This helps you ensure the stylist understands your vision and executes it accurately. If you know you're a perfectionist, this is another hidden expense you may need to include.

Outfits for other events

While the actual wedding is the main event, there are several other parties that will be thrown in honor of your lovely union. Bachelor and bachelorette parties, showers and rehearsal dinners all require special outfits for these monumental occasions. Unfortunately, investing in so many suits or dresses can add up quickly. If you want to eliminate this cost, consider borrowing from a friend or stick to one outfit for the smaller parties to reduce this unexpected expense.

Traveling and lodging

Oftentimes couples will forget about costs associated with traveling and staying in hotels for the wedding. Whether you plan to cover the costs of your wedding party, the guests or just you and your partner, ensure you call the hotel ahead and ask about rates. Sometimes they'll offer special rates for large parties.

In addition, make sure you know how you will get wherever you need to go on the big day. Appointments, errands and other stops may require you to take a rideshare service or rent transportation. Account for this when planning for the event's expenses.

Cake cutting and wine corking

If you decide to go a more traditional route and have a baker make, cut and serve the cake, Martha Stewart Weddings noted that you'll likely be charged a fee for each guest that is served a slice of cake. Ensure you discuss this with any in-house pastry chefs when exploring different venues.

In addition, when liquor is provided by your reception site, there might be a corking fee associated with this service. Again, ask up front instead of finding out later and paying more.

Taxes and tips

Along the same lines of a cake-cutting and wine-corking service fees, gratuities for service and taxes are also among the many hidden fees of throwing a party of this caliber. The Knot noted that while you can't determine exactly how much you need to tip or owe in taxes, consider tacking on an extra one-third of your entire cost to budget for these additional, and mandatory, expenses.

Getting married is a wonderful and exciting time. It's easy to get swept up in the fun aspects of planning your special day. However, if you don't take time to set a clear budget (and perhaps a dedicated checking account)with all anticipated expenses, it may start you off on the wrong financial foot. Recognize hidden costs and plan for them to ensure all you have to worry about on your big day is having fun and enjoying the company.