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Bedroom makeover on a budget

Date posted:  6/20/16 09:00:00 AM

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average time spent sleeping for an employed adult between the ages of 25 and 54 with children is 7.7 hours. That is the second highest amount of time spent doing anything throughout the day. So, if your bedroom is in need of a makeover, take some time to update this area of your home.

Follow these tips for affordably transforming your bedroom into the perfect space to relax after a long day: 

Throw out the old 
When redesigning your bedroom, gather extra cash by selling old items you don't see working in the new design or that you do not use any more. If items can't be sold consider recycling or donating them. This will also help eliminate clutter. When you have cleaner lines and less stuff, you can improve the current state of your room. 

This is a great way to improve the space without spending any money. In some instances, you'll even make a little more cash you can put back into paint, a new rug or another piece to enhance the space. 

Also, if you have a dresser or other piece of furniture that is far too large for the space, sell it or move it to another room. It's likely going swallow up valuable space and make the room look cramped. 

Pick a new color scheme
When redoing the bedroom, one way you can create an entirely new atmosphere is by changing up the colors. Evaluate what you currently have and determine if you can paint any furniture to give it a fresh new look. 

Repainting furniture with chalk paint is a cool option that adds charm to any bedroom. Also consider replacing the knobs on dressers or closets with fun new designs. Check out Etsy, or your local hardware store to find a look you would like to incorporate into the space. 

In addition, adding an accent wall with a new color can brighten the space and it doesn't cost as much as repainting the entire room. Consider adding a few fun designs, like chevron or stripes, to really make a statement. 

Invest in a sham or new comforter 
Good Housekeeping noted that updating your bedding can do quite a bit for any space. A duvet is often a more affordable way to change it up without needing to invest in an entirely new set of bedding.

Shop online and search for deals and specials going on at various retailers. 

Make your own art 
While many people might claim they don't have any artistic ability, trying out a few DIY art projects for the bedroom to save some money can be successful. Think simple and chic. Simple watercolors or abstract paint swatches can look modern when framed and hung. 

You may also want to head to a drink and draw night in your town. Many areas have fun studios where they can enjoy a refreshing beverage with friends or family members while a professional instructs them on drawing or painting a chosen image. At the end of these events, each student has a masterpiece to take home. 

Know what to invest in 
Wise Bread suggested spending any extra cash on linens because sleeping is the primary reason this space exists. However, if you know you don't make your bed very often, don't waste money on tons of decorative pillow shams or throws. Keep it simple and comfortable, focusing on textures and softness more than decorations. 

If you find that you always have difficulty keeping your closet organized, invest in a larger dresser or closet organization tools. Spending the money now on items that will help you keep the space clean and neat will pay off when you have a relaxing space to fall asleep in. 

Check out garage sales and antique shops 
For fun accents, mirrors and artwork, take a Saturday or Sunday and browse your favorite neighborhood antique shop or check the paper for local garage sales. You may find a few pieces you can easily incorporate into your design, and it won't be as expensive as luxury furniture from a store. 

Keep lighting in mind 
Bedroom lighting is critical. Whether you want to read, sleep or enjoy a night of Netflix watching, you'll want to have different lighting options. Place lamps throughout the space to illuminate different areas of your bedroom. 

Before searching for new lamps, remember you can also repaint or add a new shade to old lamps and save money. If you have to purchase lighting, look at discount stores for good deals. 

Rugs and curtains 
To make the space feel cozy, hang curtains in the windows and add a rug to tie the space together. There are multiple websites that offer impressive discounts on these items. However, make sure they fit with your color scheme before purchasing any of these accents. 

Improving your bedroom is a fun activity, and knowing how to do so while sticking to a budget makes it even more rewarding.