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Best questions to ask when interviewing candidates

Date posted:  8/15/16 09:00:00 AM Best questions to ask candidates

When it's time to expand your business and hire more people to increase overall growth, you want to make sure you bring aboard the ideal candidate. During the hiring process, you'll narrow down your search to a few select candidates, and if you ask the right questions during an interview, you'll be able to differentiate the good candidates from the great ones.

Know what you are looking for
Before you start interviewing individuals for the job, make sure you have a clear idea of what your ideal candidate looks like. Determine the qualities, skills and experience necessary for the role and communicate them with the hiring team to ensure everyone is on the same page.

By preparing yourself and the team, you are more likely to find the perfect fit for you company.

Ask about professional development and gauge self-awareness
According to Monster, one way you can gain a better idea of the candidate is by asking him or her to talk about their professional development that has led to their current position. This is similar to asking an individual to tell you more about themselves while honing in on their career experience specifically.

Find out what they know about your business
When an individual is speaking with you about a job opportunity, he or she should always be capable of demonstrating their understanding of your operation and what you have accomplished as a company. Ask questions that require a deeper understanding of the company. Request their opinion regarding a recent campaign or marketing technique used. This will easily and quickly indicate whether the candidate has done his or her homework.

Some additional questions you may want to ask include:

  • What makes us stand out from the other competition?
  • Why do you want to work with our company?
  • How would you summarize our brand in a single sentence?

Create circumstances and get responses
U.S. News & World Report noted asking a candidate to describe their response to a business scenario can assist you when evaluating various professionals applying for the position.

Discuss a common issue that faces your employees and ask the candidate to provide his or her analysis of the situation or provide a solution. 

Ask about future aspirations
An often overlooked question that can provide you with a better idea of preparedness and determination is asking candidates to identify their professional goals.

A response that shows the candidate actively plans ahead could be:

  • If the candidate indicates he or she has researched other departments or positions in your company that fit his or her skill set.
  • If the candidate responds that he or she is pursuing opportunities that help him or her reach the same goals or offer similar opportunities as the position with your business.

These response show both self-awareness and that the applicant wants the job for the right reason.

Ask for the candidates input
When describing the position available, U.S. News & World Report suggested asking why the candidate believes the role is important to the company. This question can help you figure out who truly has a grasp of the requirements of the position. In addition, you can also determine whether the individual has aspirations for growth within the role and a commitment to helping the company succeed.

Hiring someone is exciting as it indicates your business is growing. However, you may lose money if you hire the wrong person, so ask great questions to narrow down the hiring pool and find the right professional for the role.