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Creating the perfect man cave

Date posted:  8/30/16 09:00:00 AM Mancave

Even though households are shared spaces, everyone can benefit from their own room or space.

With a man cave, men of the house can have individual places to relax, watch TV or work on a hobby. Man caves aren't just office spaces that double as areas where dads can do as he pleases. Instead, man caves are a room or area of the house that provide personal space, mentally and physically. While family time is important, so too is some time for everyone to do their own thing.

These rooms can be set up in many ways, so settling on a design comes down to personal preference. Building the perfect man cave isn't as easy as stuffing all of the husband's belongings in one room. To make the most out of the room, plan every detail.

Plan a theme
Your man cave will differ from other similar rooms, and this boils down to your interests. Ask yourself what you want to do when you have some time for yourself. Do you want to play pool? Catch up on the latest episodes of your favorite shows? Or maybe you just want to work on your hobby, whether it's fixing up old cars or collecting historic military items.

You can even combine some of your favorite passions to make the room an all-around experience. For example, HGTV highlighted one particular room that was built after the owner's favorite restaurant.

Planning the theme can help you focus on what to include in the room.

It's common to come across man caves that are rooms dedicated to sports teams. As such, plenty of memorabilia will be needed to showcase the dedication you have to your teams. Likewise, man caves where you plan to watch TV or play the newest video games should probably be outfitted with comfortable seating arrangements, a high-end television and a robust surround sound system.

Combined, they'll make any movie watching experience resemble that of a large theater.

As you plan the theme of your man cave, keep costs in mind.

The cost of a man cave
The final cost of your man cave will depend on how extensive your remodel or reworking of the room will be. Adding more features to an already existing office might not cost that much, unless you have to go out and buy everything.

However, if you've settled on a theme that incorporates some staples of man caves, such as a mini bar and pool table, you should budget your finances appropriately to help you save for the expenses.

Typically, pool tables range from just under $2,000 to tables as expensive as $40,000. While you want your man cave to be your own space, you should still be mindful of costs to ensure you stay within budget.

Another way you can save money on a man cave is to try to do as much of the remodeling yourself as possible, if needed. Such tasks may include the installation of new lighting, building a stand for the theater setup or building the mini bar. Because of the sheer amount of do-it-yourself resources available online, you should be able to find instructions for many of the man cave projects.

Life balance
No matter if you are a bachelor, a boyfriend or a husband and father, you have important duties to take care every day before you can dedicate time to relaxation. But at the end of a long day, it's understandable if you want some time to yourself.

In an interview with Houzz, Sam Gosling, a psychology professor at the University of Texas at Austin, said space is critical to help you control your emotions.

While man caves are designated spaces for the men of the house, everyone in the household can be benefit from a space of their own, and each area can have a unique design and function. With a little preparation and hard work, you can build a man cave that suits your relaxation and financial needs.