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Decorating your living room on a budget

Date posted:  1/5/16 09:00:00 AM Decorating your living room on a budget

Families spend a great deal of time in their living rooms, which is why a comfortable and stylish space is so important. But, creating a room that meets the unique needs of your family can sometimes be expensive. Knowing when to splurge, when to save and how to work within the confines of a budget will help you decorate accordingly.

Find treasures in your own home 
Sometimes you have unique and interesting decorations or pieces in your home already. Apartment Therapy suggested checking your rooms, closets and storage areas to see if you have anything you can repurpose to decorate your living room.

Rearrange your furniture 
Moving furniture around doesn't seem like it will make very much of a difference in your living room. However, switching it up even a little bit can breathe new life into your existing space.

Enlist the help of the family to have a little fun finding new ways to arrange your furniture. Award children who help with a movie night in the space with popcorn or other treats.

Bring out the wall art 
Real Simple suggested buying large canvases and painting them to add a pop of color and a unique artistic effect to the living room. Decorative plates you don't use very often are another great unexpected feature that can enhance a space.

Hanging art you have created yourself can create a sophisticated look within a tighter budget. If you aren't confident in your own ability, find a few tutorials online, or head to a local DIY paint shop and enjoy an evening of painting under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

Get crafty 
Taking on a project yourself and using it to enhance a space is a truly rewarding experience. Check out websites like Pinterest for fun and easy DIY ideas. Typically these projects are very inexpensive, but the return on investment is fantastic. Your final result is a beautiful piece you can feel proud of that also adds a little extra something to your new living room.

Add a touch of nature 
Plants provide a lively and homey touch to any space. Head to a nearby garden center and look for some fun greenery you can incorporate into your design.

While you can always pick up a pot at the store, consider looking for an unconventional vessel to keep your plant. Colorful pitchers, old bottles and unique bowls are affordable alternatives that can add a distictive look.

Invest in more color 
Whether you paint an entire room or add a little color to one wall, switching up the shades in your living room can really pack a punch. Figure out which hues go well with your color scheme and pick out a color or two to paint your new living room.

Looking for something less labor-intensive? Add some color by investing in decorative pillows, throw blankets or vases. A few extra colorful decorations can make a substantial difference in the space without costing too much.