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Educational vacations for the whole family: Part II

Date posted:  6/8/16 09:00:00 AM Make your education something to remember

Spending a family vacation somewhere that provides you with an opportunity to learn alongside your children is beneficial -— especially during the long summer holiday. The second part of this two-part series addresses preparations you can make to ensure the kids have a fun and truly beneficial experience on your educational vacation.

Don't pack too much 
While it can be tempting to bring extras of everything as a parent, you'll want to travel light to make moving easier on the whole family. Make a list ahead of time of only the items you know you and your family will need. Also remember you can purchase any forgotten items when you arrive at your final destination.

While you want to pack lightly, Rough Guides indicated you will want to ensure you and the kids are prepared for whatever climate you plan to venture to.

Reach out to the educators 
When planning an educational trip for the family, make sure you reach out to your kids' teachers to find out if they are currently covering or plan to cover anything related to your trip. It may be a great opportunity to further your children's understanding of various subjects. You may even be able to find a way to connect a destination or event that may not be directly related to school into a more relatable experience. 

For example, if one of the teachers tells you he or she has planned a unit on forests and nature, you can turn a trip to the Redwood National Forest into an educational opportunity. Have your kids pretend they are naturalists writing poetry and short stories, or sketching what they see while on vacation. 

Create vocabulary flash cards 
Reader's Digest suggested making travel vocabulary words while on the trip. Use pictures to make it easier for your kids to commit new words to memory. Include vocabulary they will encounter along your travels as well as at the final destination. 

You may also want to turn it into a fun game that will encourage some fun competition among all the members of your family. 

Ask the kids to research ahead of time 
Get everyone more excited about the trip by having your children read a couple books about the destination or look up some information online. Schedule a few nights a week leading up to the vacation where everyone shares what they learned. 

Invest in journals for everyone so they can keep notes on the knowledge they gathered before the trip and record additional notes while on vacation. They will appreciate having all the information in one place, and it will deepen their understanding as they learn. 

A summer vacation with the whole family is always fun. When you can make it educational as well, you are investing in your kids' educational development and curiosity. Make sure you prepare everyone for an adventure they will never forget and make learning fun and interactive with an educational trip this summer.