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Enjoy Halloween without terrifying your wallet

Date posted:  10/11/16 11:00:00 AM Enjoy Halloween without spending too much

October is known for pumpkins, chilly weather, beautiful foliage and, of course, Halloween. No matter how old you are, celebrating this spooky holiday is always fun. However, it can get expensive. According to Fortune, the average American spends $74 celebrating Halloween. From expensive costumes and candy, to decorations and haunted houses, spending a great deal of money right before the holidays isn't the best idea. Check out these helpful tips for spending a little less, without sacrificing any Halloween fun:

Reel in your costume aspirations
Unless the grand prize for the best Halloween costume is a trip to the Bahamas, lay your extravagant costume ideas to rest. Even a quick glance at prices during October is enough to give you a chill. Costumes can cost hundreds of dollars between makeup and accessories. Keep in mind, you will only be wearing it once, so shelling out a ton of cash for a great costume might not be worth it. Instead, consider an alternative.

Pop Sugar suggested making your own costume to save money on this aspect of the holiday. Do you have some balloons and clear garbage bags? You can become a bag of jellybeans with a little creativity. Running late and need a quick, cheap outfit? Rosie the Riveter is another simple costume idea that requires a little denim, a bandana and a fierce expression.

Do you have little ones? Pick up some face paint and have some fun turning them into zombies or ghouls. Browse the internet for inspiration and ideas for other fabulous DIY costumes this year. Building your own unique outfit is a great alternative to spending too much on something cheaply made and mass produced.

If you don't want to make your own costume, but are still looking for a more affordable alternative, consider investing in costumes for next year after Halloween has passed. Chances are there will be costume sales in early November, and you'll likely save quite a bit off of the regular retail price. Another way to save money, is to invest in one costume and reuse it for several years. You can get a little creative and make adjustments to it each year to freshen it up.

Even if you are expecting several young ghouls and goblins to visit your home on Halloween, you can still decorate and treat these neighborhood youngsters without going over budget. Money Crashers suggested creating a cemetery in your yard using shipping boxes, paint and markers. If you have a larger budget, use wood instead, which will last longer and is more waterproof than cardboard.

While jack-o'-lanterns are classic Halloween staples, they don't last very long. Consider holding off on carving your pumpkins until the night before, so your creations are fresh for Halloween visitors. Chicken wire is another inexpensive item you can use as d├ęcor. Mold the wire into ghoulish figures and drape in cheese cloth, fabric or tulle to give your lawn a haunting appearance.

When it comes to your candy stash, consider baking cookies or making puppy chow for your guests. Not only are these different treats your visitors will enjoy, they are less expensive when you prepare them in bulk.

Communicate with friends
If you're planning on spending the evening with friends, reach out to them to see if they would be interested in a Halloween party instead of spending a night on the town. When everyone chips in and brings food and drink, the cost of celebrating this holiday will go down for everyone. Plan ahead to avoid double booking and having too many bashes on the same night.

Halloween is a great time to have some fun with your children and spend time with friends. However, you'll want to stay on budget - especially with the holidays quickly approaching.