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Keeping cool when it's hot without breaking the bank

Date posted:  6/30/16 09:00:00 AM Summer sun

Every season comes with its own challenges, and summer is no different. When the temperatures rise, it's likely your energy bill will as well. Scorching weather means you'll need to keep your home cool.

Follow these tips for saving money during the hottest months of the year:

Skip the A/C
In some climates, you may not need or have access to an air conditioner in your home. Whether your apartment doesn't have it or you simply never installed one, surviving the summer without an air conditioner is still possible. Greatist suggested incorporating a few other habits and products into your life to stay cool without racking up a substantial energy bill. 

Invest in cotton linens that are lightweight, like Egyptian cotton, as they are more breathable and keep you cooler during hot summer nights. In addition, you'll want to choose loose-fitting cotton pajamas.

Make the most of your fans by pointing box fans out windows to push hot air out of the rooms in your home. You'll also want to adjust the settings for your ceiling fans so they run counter-clockwise. This pulls hot air up instead of fanning it throughout the room.

Think before you plant
Bankrate noted that planting large and leafy trees around your building can also have a dramatic impact on the interior temperatures of your home.

"Most heat that accumulates inside a house comes directly from the sun shining onto the roof or through windows, and heating the house directly," said John Krigger, owner of Saturn Resource Management.

So, investing in better landscaping can help keep you cool without running up a substantial energy bill.

Only control the temperature when you need to
You don't need the house to be 65 degrees all day long. Instead, set the thermostat to a specific temperature only when you are at home. At night and when you are away, turn it off or allow it to increase a bit to save money.

Programmable thermostats are an especially great investment as they allow you to schedule increases so your home is nice and cool when you get back, but it doesn't run all day long.

Staying cool all summer doesn't mean you need to raise your electric bill. Instead, find ways to keep costs low while also ensuring your house stays at a comfortable temperature.