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Planning a trip to the 2016 Olympics

Date posted:  4/25/16 09:00:00 AM

The 2016 Olympic Games will be located in the beautiful country of Brazil, and if you are thinking about planning a trip to enjoy this event, you better act quickly and be prepared to spend money, noted Ameritrade Holding Corp.

"Really the only time we have seen any discount is at the very last minute when large companies release rooms that they are holding," said Lynn Brodsky, who works in the travel concierge industry, according to TD Ameritrade. "Other than that there really are not too many 'deals.' Book through a travel advisor; they always have access to discounts, rates, and perks."

Follow these tips for organizing a trip to enjoy a historic and entertaining event you will remember for the rest of your life:

Save, save, save 
Make sure you start tucking away money to fund your trip. From tickets to travel, you will have a number of expenses associated with your trip. Consider taking on a part-time job to grow you funds even faster. 

Obtain tickets 
According to Forbes, there are a few key dates to remember when it comes to purchasing tickets for the games. If you are interested in the ticket lottery, April 23 is when the window to order tickets opens and it closes on May 4. On May 11, you can expect ticket confirmations, and you must confirm the purchase of any tickets no later than May 15. 

Individual ticket sales will officially open on May 19. 

According to Yahoo Travel, you can obtain tickets through your country's official authorized ticket reseller. Remember, even if tickets sell out, additional tickets will be released in the future. Set up email alerts to ensure you know when they become available. 

Plan your savings goals to accommodate the deadlines for ordering tickets.

Package or plan 
When it comes to lodging and travel, you have two choices: You can either opt for a package deal or put your own trip together. Typically, it is more affordable to plan your own hotel and flight than to pay for an elaborate travel package. 

To save a little more money, consider traveling with friends or family members and share an apartment through Airbnb. When you bundle, the savings can be substantial.

You probably won't be able to find a hotel, so Brazil signed a deal with Airbnb to increase available accommodations for visitors looking to enjoy the games. Wherever you stay, make sure it has been certified by an official government agency. This will be indicated on the website. 

Prepare for international travel 
From visas to passports, you will need to square away all travel documents well in advance. In addition, you will want to set aside a budget to pay for these items — especially if you realize you need expedited service.

Make copies of all documents, including your itinerary to keep with you while on your trip.

Know where events are located 
When you are in another country it can be quite overwhelming. Prepare yourself in advance and figure out how public transportation works and where the various events are located. Knowing this before heading to Brazil will be extremely beneficial when traveling. 

When traveling to various locations in Rio, allow enough time for travel as well as getting through security. You don't want to miss an event because you didn't leave early enough. Have a game plan each day you attend events. You want to know where each one is and where you will eat and how you will spend your time between each one. 

Make sure you have water and food for you while walking around. However, make sure you are familiar with any security requirements at the Olympics. You don't want to lose your beef jerky or bottled water on game day. 

Embrace the culture 
One of the coolest things about traveling to another country is experiencing the culture. Submerse yourself and dine at local establishments or take an adventure through a marketplace. 

Brazil's primary language is Portuguese. Take a few lessons before jumping on a plane. Not only will it be helpful if you are to become lost or need information, but it is also a fantastic way to understand the culture. 

See more 
Do not limit yourself to the Olympic games when planning a trip of this caliber. While they are a memorizing event, take advantage of the opportunity you have been granted. Check out some of the following tourist attractions in the area: 

  • Amazon River 
  • Sugarloaf Mountain 
  • Christ the Redeemer 
  • Copacabana 
  • Beautiful beaches 

This summer, the Olympics will be an exciting and invigorating celebration of athletes everywhere. Plan your trip to enjoy the wonder and also take in what the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro has to offer. 

Saving and planning now is your key to the trip of a lifetime.