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Social networking popularity among teens

Date posted:  8/20/14 09:15:00 AM Twitter is gaining popularity among teenage users.

High school students and young adults account for a key demographic that is often prized by advertisers and retail companies.

With many high school students flinging their caps at graduation, getting ready to head off to college or make their way into the job sector, a June 2014 survey from Niche tracked what kind of social media channels are currently dominating the teen and young adult market.

Niche, which analyzes neighborhoods surrounding colleges, elementary and high schools, revealed that Facebook was still king for high school graduates despite claims that teens are shunning the network for other social channels.

According to the report, 87 percent of 2014 high school graduates throughout the country use Facebook, with 61 percent of them checking their news feeds at least once per day. Meanwhile, 47 percent of Facebook users admitted to logging in and checking their feeds a few times a day, which was also top among all social media channels.

The next most popular social outlet was Instagram. The visual channel garnered 66 percent use amongst high school graduates, with 43 percent of users checking the site multiple times throughout the day.

Twitter and Google+ were the next most popular choices among recent high school graduates. Fifty-five percent of respondents told Niche they use Twitter at least occasionally, while 52 percent use Google+ in the same manner.

Where students use social media
Some kids struggle to pay attention in class. Many others, it seems, aren't paying attention because they are using their social media accounts during school hours. An April 2014 study from McAfee found that nearly 75 percent of students in the U.S. between the ages of 16 and 18 used their social media accounts while at school.

In all, 54 percent of female students access their social media channels at school along with 52 percent of male students. Social media seems to get more popular with age, as students in the 16 to 18 age bracket were 15 percent more likely to log in during school hours than those in the 13 to 15 age bracket.

Is Twitter the most important?
While more high school students are still using Facebook, Twitter is taking its fair share of the pie. A recent study from Piper Jaffray reported that the social network landscape is shifting toward Twitter.

Piper Jaffray polled 8,650 teens across the country with an average age of 16.2 years. The firm found that for the first time, users in this age group said Twitter was the "most important" social network to them.