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Tips for creating a successful online house listing

Date posted:  6/24/15 08:15:00 AM An online home listing can be an effective sales tool.

The Internet can be an incredibly beneficial tool for a seller looking to list a home. According to Trulia, an online real estate company, 90 percent of homebuyers will start searching for the home of their dreams online.

While the Internet can be a great way to market a property, sellers should ensure the house is presented and described in an effective way. 

Photographs matter 
Pictures provide a prospective buyer with his or her first impression of a listed home. Ensure these photographs make the house look appealing to a wide and diverse audience. Bad snapshots with poor lighting or clutter can wind up hurting a seller and he or she may not get as much traffic from the online listing of the property. Additionally, recent and up-to-date photos show browsing buyers what to expect in a tour. If the photos are several years old, it will immediately become apparent during a visit and will start the experience off on the wrong foot.

A real estate agent will likely be a great resource for a seller when it comes to making sure someone takes professional pictures. 

Stage your home 
According to, home staging can help someone enhance the appearance of a home and help the listing sell more quickly. Those who wish to list a property should consider hiring a professional to stage the home prior to taking photographs and posting them online. The foundation of home staging centers on updating the furniture and layout, removing clutter and downplaying the homeowner's sentimental details which can potentially keep a buyer from picturing themselves in the home. 

The cost of staging a home can be a bit more expensive, but the return on investment is worth it. Staged homes typically sell for a higher price than those that are not staged. 

Talk up the neighborhood
When an interested buyer is considering the purchase of a home, he or she is also investing in the surrounding area. This makes selling the neighborhood when listing a home important. When describing a home or an online listing, the seller should mention some of the more desirable features in the region. For example, if a good school is in the area or the community holds a variety of events, the description of the home should include these tidbits of information. It may intrigue a prospective buyer and encourage them to attend an open house or view the property. 

Discuss all upgrades and features 
Sellers should know what features are popular among buyers. Being aware of this can help an individual craft a description that will appeal to a majority of prospective buyers. For example, energy efficiency is something many individuals look for in new homes. If a seller recently replaced windows that increase the home's energy efficiency, noting this in the online listing can increase the home's overall appeal.