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Top 10 cities for recent college graduates

Date posted:  2/12/14 06:15:00 AM Boston is considered the top city for recent college graduates.

With the burst of the housing bubble and ensuing economic downturn in the mid-2000s, many college graduates were left in the dark, struggling to find employment while dealing with massive tuition costs and student loans.

But the outlook for the most recent graduating class has sparked some optimism. Nearly half of the students in last May's graduating class had at least one job offer, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Additionally, 29.3 percent of May graduates had a job lined up prior to graduation, and that number could rise again in 2014, according to Robin Lee, associate director of the career development center at Cal State University Long Beach.

"It's definitely a lot better," Lee told Los Angeles NBC affiliate KNBC. "In 2008-2009, it was something like 15 percent may get an offer, so we almost doubled that in terms of getting an offer before graduation and tripled it after graduation."

Computer science, economics, accounting and engineering were among the best majors for job offers right out of school, according to KNBC.

"In this case, me being offered a job shortly after graduation was rather easy," Adam Rowe, a 2013 mechanical engineering graduate from Cal State Long Beach, told KNBC. "I don't know if that was luck or if it was just I was in the right place at the right time."

Best city to live in for recent graduates
NerdWallet, a number-crunching firm specializing in education, finance, health, investing and shopping, recently revealed the top 10 cities to live in for recent college graduates.

The parameters for the results included questions asking: Will you live with peers and others your age? Will you have an active social life? Is the city walkable? Can you get a job and afford to live there?

The top place for recent graduates? Boston.

NerdWallet reported that the city has the most 18- to 24-year-olds of any city, the fourth-most bars per capita and the third-highest score for walkability, which creates a great atmosphere for recent college graduates to pursue an active social life.

Despite Boston's high cost of living, which NerdWallet said is the fourth-most expensive, the city's low unemployment rate enables recent college grads to have a legitimate chance at landing a job right out of school. Healthcare and finance are two of the top job sectors for employment. Research, thanks to all of the colleges in the city, was also a top industry.

Second- and third-best cities for recent grads
If Boston isn't your thing, Seattle and Denver are considered the next-best options for young, diploma-toting individuals, according to NerdWallet.

Seattle, for example, has a slew of tech companies and startups that are attractive to young adults. Biotechnology, healthcare and clean technology startups are a few of the premier industries in the city.

Seattle also has the second-most bars per capita while being home to a large population of 18- to 24-year-olds, making it an ideal city for primetime nightlife thanks to a high level of walkability.

Denver, third on the list, counters with more affordable social life compared to Seattle. The Mile-High City offers the most bars per capita, a low cost of living and a laid-back atmosphere, according to NerdWallet.

The top industries in Denver include manufacturing, aerospace, broadcasting and telecommunications, energy and healthcare.

Baltimore; Philadelphia; Washington, D.C.; Columbus, Ohio; Austin, Texas; Chicago and San Francisco rounded out the top 10.

Of the top 10, Chicago had the second-highest unemployment rate at 11.3 percent, trailing only San Francisco's unemployment rate of 13.6 percent. But the Windy City notched high marks for affordability and was considered the top city for walkability.