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Two winter destinations worth your consideration

Date posted:  10/31/16 09:00:00 AM Truck driving down the road

As "Game of Thrones" characters say: winter is coming. Rather than worrying about battling the White Walker army like the show's cast, families in northern and Midwest states must prepare for snow, ice and freezing temperatures.

The calendar says the winter season doesn't officially arrive until December 21, but before you know it, you'll feel the cold temperatures and see snow falling.

For children, playing and sledding in the snow are some of the best times imaginable. But even if you enjoy winter, there may come a time in your life when you're tired of dealing with the subzero temperatures and snowstorms.

If you're looking to spend the winter months somewhere warm, two states stand out as good places for a second home.

Arizona has long been a destination for people looking to escape the winter. Popular destinations for snowbirds include Tucson, Tempe and Phoenix, USA Today stated.

Living in a new part of the country for an extended period of time could be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, the state of Arizona is known as a popular snowbird destination, and you'll be able to connect with others to find things to do, places to eat and more.

Some may even attract out-of-state business that will make you feel right at home. For example, Chicagoans have made their way to various parts of Arizona for many years. And, as the Arizona Republic pointed out, Chicago-style restaurants have followed suit. From Portillo's to Lou Malnati's, you might find the comforts of home in your second home state.

Another popular state for snowbirds is Texas. With many up and coming cities, you have many options for second home locations.

Austin is one of the most talked about cities in the state. From its rapidly growing population, to the young and rebellious spirit of the area, it's a spot that doesn't present the typical images of Texas.

How to proceed
If you're serious about spending the winter months in Texas or Arizona, you'll likely want to first rent an apartment or house at first. This way, you'll discover if being a snowbird is right for you.

More importantly though, is to see if you enjoy the area. States that have temperate weather during the winter months can offer a lot of appealing options for seasonal relaxation, but the weather will be irrelevant if you don't like the city or town where you choose to stay.

Once you do find a place you like and have spent a winter or two there, you can consider investing in a second home. Doing so will require a lot of financial commitment, so review your long-term plans carefully to make sure it's the right move for you.

If you do purchase a second home, you can rent the house out during the seasons when you aren't there. Keep in mind that managing a second property makes you a landlord, which comes with a variety of other considerations.

With a second home for the winter, you'll be able to enjoy everything a warm state has to offer, without the cold temperatures and snow.