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Our full service ATMs are a convenient way to make a deposit, get cash back, transfer money or simply check your balance among many other cash functions.

  • Many UMB full service ATMs are available for deposits 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year
  • Withdraw up to $600 from available funds in your account
  • No envelopes or deposit slips are needed when making a deposit
  • When you make a deposit, up to $500 of your cumulative deposit is available as cash back immediately
  • Your receipt will display deposited check images for your records
  • You can avoid waiting in line at the teller window by making your deposits at the ATM
  • Get a text message sent directly to your mobile device when an ATM transaction is executed on your account*

Frequently asked questions about the new UMB Deposit ATMs:

How do I locate surcharge-free ATMs?
To find one nearest you, click here.
• All participating QuikTrip locations throughout the Kansas City and Columbia areas. Click here to find the nearest QuikTrip.
• AllPoints ATM Network has over 55,000 ATM locations worldwide, the largest surcharge-free ATM network. Click here to find one near you. 

Can I get cash back from my deposit check at a UMB Deposit ATM?
Yes. And unlike many other banks, we give you immediate access to up to $500 of your cumulative deposit made at one of our ATMs. Funds can be withdrawn in increments of $10. That means no more waiting for a branch to open to make your deposit and cash withdrawal, you can do it all from our secure and accurate ATMs.

How accurate are UMB ATMs?
Very! A high-resolution scan is done of the check, so there is no misinterpreting the information written on it. A copy of the check is printed on the receipt for record keeping and to verify accuracy. You get assurance that your checks and cash were deposited accurately. The receipt’s check image is printed without any account numbers to protect your financial information.

How does a Deposit ATM read my check?
A high-resolution Optical Character Recognition scan is done of the check to determine its dollar value. In addition, information is obtained from each check’s account and routing numbers that are encoded with magnetic ink. Keep in mind that the ATM is not able to accept checks printed on machines that do not use magnetic ink, such as home printers.

How do the Deposit ATMs read the cash?
Each bill is scanned using Optical Character Recognition and verified for authenticity.

What do I do if the deposit I made does not match my receipt?
Call UMB Customer Service at 1.800.860.4862.

What do I do if I do not get a receipt for my deposit?
Sign in to UMB Online Banking or Mobile Banking to review your account activity or call UMB Customer Service at 1.800.860.4862 to confirm your deposit.

Can I deposit coins at the ATM?
UMB ATMs do not accept coin deposits. Please take your coins to a UMB Banking Center for deposit.

Will the ATM machine accept foreign checks or currency?
UMB ATMs do not accept foreign checks or currency. You may visit a UMB Banking Center to exchange your foreign currency for U.S. Dollars and make your deposit.

What if the ATM does not accept my check(s) or cash?
The ATM may not be able to read or accept checks or dollar bills which are in very poor condition. In these cases the ATM will return the check or bill to you. Please take these items to a teller for deposit assistance.

Can I make my business deposits at a UMB ATM?
Yes. Our new business deposit ATM function allows you and/or your employees the ease of making your business deposits when it is convenient for you. And to ensure your deposit is made correctly, you can get notification of your deposit and funds availability if you have text, mobile or online banking notifications set up*.

*UMB charges no fees to download or use our mobile banking services. However, you should consult your mobile carrier about applicable data usage or SMS charges.

change your Personal Identification Number (PIN),

UMB has over 300 ATMs, 306 to be exact. 


Can I change my Personal Identification Number at a UMB ATM?
Yes. It is simple and takes little effort. Once your PIN has been changed at an ATM, it may take 24 hours to be established on the network, which means your point of sale PIN transactions may be declined using your new PIN during that time. 


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